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A poll to restore our faith in humanity

Please enjoy the poll!! Its a bit long but i hope you like it
How do you feel about the United States?
Big Brother, and I am American
Big Bully, and I am American
Big Brother, and I am NOT American
Big Bully, and I am NOT American
Again, how do you feel about the United States?
Its a democracy founded upon law, human rights and freedom, run by elected representatives who may be good or bad.
I learned from the internet that America is run by elitist illuminatti who secretly control everything from behind the shades.
A third time: how do you feel about the United States?
Most people are moral and would fight to defend the life of an innocent person - no matter what race, nationality or gender.
Most people care only about themselves, their self-interest and their families.
Do you feel the US has a responsibility to protect innocent people, even outside American borders?
Yes - America needs to defend all innocent people, no matter where they happen to have been born.
No - America has no right to meddle in the affairs of other cultures and nations
Too hard / can't decide
Do you support and have faith in America?
Yes and im American
Yes and im NOT american
No and im American
No and im NOT American
Not sure
Will the United States be around in 5 years?
Yes - what kind of question is that?
Yes but its not so stable/im not too certain
No, and im legitimately worried about it
No, and good riddance
In 5 years, will America have progressed or degenerated?
Progressed substantially
Progressed slightly
Degenerated slightly
Degenerated substantially
Enough about America. Onto phase two of the poll.
OK 1
OK 2
I believe the future is more so headed towards...
Love, peace, understanding, compassion
Hate, war, vengeance, revenge
Do you believe in God?
No but I believe in righteousness
No and life is pointless, death is fun
Do you dream of a world where peace, human rights and common sense are international staples?
Yes, you're not the only one
No, because it will never happen; those things can only be achieved by certain nations or societies
No, because what fun would there be without violence?
Someone comes to your door and says "come with me and slaughter innocent people, or i'll murder you."
I'd rather die in righteousness
I would attack the person
I wouldn't have a choice; i'd go with them
I would go and enjoy it
In the event of a major catastrophic disaster, do you believe the human race would come together and help eachother, or take the oppertunity to cause further misery?
Help each other
Cause misery and laugh while they do it
Are you good or bad?
Is it cool to be bad?
Would you give to the needy, even if you had little yourself?
Finally, do you have faith that humanity will pull through, for the benefit of everyone?
Yes - humanity will look out for each other
No - people are innately selfish
Did you enjoy the poll?
This poll was created on 2011-03-02 18:49:03 by minervo