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Band-aids with high heels

If you've ever had troubles with getting blisters on your feet from wearing high heels that rub against your bare skin, forcing you to wear band-aids, then you know where Im coming from.
How often do you wear high heels?
once a month
once every few weeks
once a week
two or three times a week
daily of course!
Do you ever wear hose or tights with high heels?
no, of course not, nobody wears hose anymore!
not really, maybe I used to but not anymore
only if its super cold outside or if Im being really conservative
yea, I actually do wear hose with high heels, (and dont know any better)
How often do you get blisters when wearing high heels
Not often, only if Im breaking in a new pair
Not often, dont wear them enough to get blisters
Sometimes, like if I have to walk really far in them
All the time, my feet are blister magnets
Never, my feet are blister proof
Have you ever worn band aids over blisters on your feet when wearing high heels?
Of course, its the only way to go. I wear band-aids all the time.
Sometimes, but only if I already have really bad blisters
Occasionally, but only to prevent blisters before they form
No, I take my blisters straight up, and deal with the pain without bandaids
No, I know probably should wear bandaids when Im wearing heels, but I just dont like the way they look for some reason
This poll was created on 2011-02-22 00:28:55 by StephanieSmokes