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What's your prefered ending in a "kidnapped" story?

When you read a story in the Kidnapped genre, what do you like to see happen to the victim?

At the end of the story, do you prefer that the victim lives or dies?

74% (56) Lives
14% (11) Dies
10% (8) One or the other

75 voters have answered this question.

If the victim lives, how much more to the story do you want to read?

12% (9) No more. They're alive; that's all i need to know!
30% (22) I'd prefer an epilogue
36% (26) between 1 and 5 chapters of afterward wouldn't kill. I like to read about how they need to readjust and how their situation has affected them.
20% (15) The victim could be rescued at the middle of the book and I'd keep reading!

72 voters have answered this question.

If the chapters are completely different lengths, do you mind?

56% (42) No
14% (11) Yes
28% (21) Don't care

74 voters have answered this question.

Ok, I've gotta ask; what is your opinion on love in the story?

15% (11) EWWWW!!!! NONONONONO!!!!!
15% (11) Eh, seen it too many times
36% (26) As long as it's not the focus of the story, i'm ok.
27% (20) I'm ok with it, even if it is the focus
18% (13) I'm a Romantic-Titanic-Twilight-Phantom-of-the-Opera-Romeo-and-Juilet-Lover and i'm proud of it!

72 voters have answered this question.

BONUS QUESTION: (has nothing to do with the book i'm writing) Do you think that in the year 2050, there will still be the traditional books?

8% (6) Pfft, who cares?
9% (7) *looks up from iPad* I'm sorry, what'd ya say?
50% (37) I think there will be a fine mix of digital and traditional books by then.
31% (23) I'm keeping all my books in perfect condition so that my children's children can put down their gadgets and know what a book is...or was.

73 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-02-17 03:11:13 by SnowWhiteQueen
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