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Men Who Wear Sheer Dress Socks

My husband had a very formal upbringing and is now raising our son (8 years old) in the same environment. He is very particular about clothing and especially about socks. The only kind he wears are the very "see-through" sheer style (some are plain and resemble a nylon stocking, others have raised vertical lines over the sheer nylon.) I think they give him a very polished, finished look. My brother, on the other hand, thinks my husband is far too old fashioned and thinks socks like this are not appropriate or practical for an 8 year old boy. What do you think?
How often do you wear sheer nylon socks?
Exclusively, every day.
Work only.
Church, weddings, funerals, etc.
Only when the absolute most formal dress is required.
My brother thinks sheer socks are old fashioned and only to be worn by "elderly" men. My husband is 37. Your age ?
Do you buy sheer nylon socks for your son(s) as well?
Not applicable/no male children in home.
If your son(s) wears sheer nylon socks, how often?
Exclusively, every day like Dad.
Church, weddings, funerals, etc.
To school, but not at home.
At home, but not to school.
Not applicable. No male child or child does not wear.
Son's age(s) ?
10 and younger.
18 and older.
Not applicable.
We live in....
Other country
Not applicable.
Finally, my husband says that he thinks it's important to pass along his standards of dress and manners to our son, in the same way his father passed along those traditions to him. Even though sheer nylon socks may not be the "popular choice" in today's world, it's important to him for our son to wear them. Do you agree?
Yes. Like father like son.
No. Let son wear what he wants.
No. These minor details are not important at all.
Thank you for your time in completing this very specific survey. Please feel free to leave additional comments here, or in the message forum. Enjoy your day!
This poll was created on 2011-02-16 15:08:13 by Mrs Richter