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For men married to dominant wife

I would like to gain some insight into life in a marriage where the woman is dominant and takes a leading role.
Why did you marry a dominant woman?
Because the marriage was arranged for me.
Because I wanted to be dominated.
I did not want to marry a dominant woman but found out she was dominant after we got married.
I did not want to marry a dominant woman but I was forced to marry one anyway.
I did not care if she was dominant or not.
Do other people know you are dominated in your marriage?
No other people know.
Only close family members know.
Only close friends know.
Close friends and family members know.
My wife treats me in a dominant way in public so anyone so anyone can know.
Is your wife dominant in the bedroom?
Yes, making love is for her pleasure only
No, making love is about our mutual pleasure.
My wife has rules for how I should behave in an intimate situation.
My wife only allows me sexual release after I have asked for and she has given her permission.
My wife does not care if I masturbate.
My wife only allows masturbation with her permission.
She enjoys teasing me.
She will get extremely angry if I ever show a sexual interest in another woman.
Is your marriage an open marriage?
No, we only make love to each other.
Yes, we can both have partners outside the marriage.
Yes, but only I can have a pertner outside the marriage.
Does your wife require you to wear a chastity device?
Yes, but only occasionally.
Sometimes long term.
Yes, permanently.
Does your wife regularly review your performance as a husband?
Yes, and if she is not happy she will administer corporal discipline.
Does your wife have regular and long discussions with you about your performance as a husband?
Why do you stay married to her?
Because I love her.
For financial reasons.
I would like to divorce here but she has some power over me that prevents that.
Because I think my life would go off the rails if I did not have a dominant woman to take care of me.
Is she older than you?
No, we are close to the same age.
This poll was created on 2011-02-09 11:49:33 by Tanaka