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Dress Code Discipline

I am a 15 year old boy who gets average grades, gets into trouble every now and then, and can be a little bratty at times. Since my parents have mentioned doing something like this a couple times, pretend you're them and let me know how you would improve my discipline.
How old are you
younger than 14
older than 50
Male or Female
Do you currently have kids?
If you have kids, do you consider yourself a strict parent?
If you don't have kids, do you think you would be a strict parent if you did?
Do you think being more strict with what you let your kids wears would improve their discipline?
A Little
I would always let my kids wear whatever they want
If you wanted to try to improve my discipline by enforcing a dress code, what would it be like?
Specifically, in regards to your answer above, what kind of restrictions would you have on tops?
No T-shirts
Collared Shirts only
Polo Shirts allowed
Button up shirts allowed (casual styles or dress shirts)
Dress Shirts only (Long or Short Sleeve)
Long Sleeve Dress Shirts only
Dress Shirts worn with a Tie only
Shirt has to be tucked in
Shirt has to be buttoned up (ok to leave collar unbuttoned)
Shirt has to be buttoned up (all the way, no buttons undone)
May not roll up sleeves of long sleeve shirt
Must wear a blazer or suit coat
Can wear a sweater or sweater vest over shirt
What restrictions would you have on bottoms?
No jeans
No shorts
Can wear dressy shorts
Only can wear shorts
Can wear khakis or other slacks
Must wear dress pants
Must wear a suit
Must wear a belt
What restrictions would you have on shoes?
Can not wear sneakers
Can wear casual non-sneaker shoes
Can wear boots
Must wear dress shoes
Must always wear shoes
Must take off shoes in the house
Would you enforce the same dress code on weekdays and weekends?
Yes, same rules
More strict during the week, specifically:
More strict during the weekend, specifically:
Would you force me to get rid of any clothes that don't comply with my new dress code?
Yes, anything that isn't under the dress code
Yes, except for certain items I would wear for sports, yardwork, etc
No, you can keep your other clothes but they would be packed away so you couldn't wear them without permission
No, you can keep them in your room
How would you begin the dress code?
Surprise me when I am getting dressed - when I open my closet, only dress code items are there
Tell me that I am now under a dress code and take me shopping for new clothes
Tell me to strip down to my underwear and dress me in my new dress code so that I understand what I am to wear and how it is to be worn
Hand me my new clothes that you had picked out for me and explain to me the new rules
Something else (describe it here)
What about bed time? I have to be at school for 7am
In bed by 8
In bed by 830
In bed by 9
In bed by 930
In bed by 10
In bed by 1030
In bed by 11
No set bedtime
Would you enforce this on the weekends as well?
Yes, same bed time
I would enforce a bedtime but just a little later than normal
I would enforce a bedtime around 11 or later
No set bedtime on weekends
What about getting up on the weekends? I get up at 6 on the weekdays for school.
Wake up the same time
Wake up earlier (time/reason):
Can sleep in a little, but need to be up by 7 or 8
Can sleep in more, need to be up by 9 or 10
No set time to wake up
Any last comments?
This poll was created on 2011-02-02 23:37:50 by Josh O.