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Victoria vs Emma

Pretty Victoria Justice has decided to take on the very athletic Emma Watson. Who will win? You decide!

Victoria, standing at 5'5", is at the beach and looking nice in her red bikini and is attracting a lot of attention from the guys. Unfortunately she gets the attention of Emma Watson's boyfriend. While her 5'6" body is in her blue bikini, Emma begins looking for her boyfriend but sees him flirting with pretty Victoria instead. A fight is about to start as Emma starts heading over to Victoria....

22% (48) Emma starts the conflict by trash talking about Victoria
77% (167) Victoria starts bragging just loud enough for Emma to hear

215 voters have answered this question.

Who attacks first?

38% (83) Emma, as she gives Victoria a firm slap right across the face
61% (132) Victoria, she gives Emma a nice, strong push on the breasts

215 voters have answered this question.

The girls then start to go at it more intensely...

20% (43) Emma starts to slowly take control, wearing down Victoria with her superior strength
46% (100) Emma lays strong blows all across Victoria's body, and the pretty girl starts getting weaker with every punch and kick the British actress lays on her
13% (29) Victoria is surprisingly stronger than Emma and slowly is able to pin the Harry Potter star down
20% (43) Victoria starts to dominate the fight, pulling Emma's hair and weakening her opponent easily

215 voters have answered this question.

The girls are rolling around on the sandy beach now to try and get the advantage in the fight

64% (138) Emma ends on top of the scramble, forcing Victoria down to her back
35% (77) Victoria gets the upper hand on Emma as she straddles her down and sits on her stomach

215 voters have answered this question.

Which girl is getting tired?

30% (66) Emma, as she continues to gasp for breath
69% (149) Victoria, as she's weezing to try and get some energy back

215 voters have answered this question.

The fight is coming to an end, who lands the final blow?

67% (146) Emma, as she wraps her arms around Victoria and gives the Nick star a bearhug until she's crying uncontrollably
32% (69) Victoria, she gets Emma in a cradle-hold and doesn't let go until her opponent is yelling in pain

215 voters have answered this question.

Of course, some humiliation is in order. So.....

68% (148) Emma shoves Victoria's face into her boobs and gives her a terrible breastsmother while poor Victoria is babbling and sobbing like a baby. When she's done, she says "next time, stay away from my man" and leaves the broken young Justice girl there badly beaten
31% (67) Victoria tells Emma "you're not getting out of this too easy" as she sets up a devastating leg scissors, choking Emma to tears. When Victoria's finished humiliating the girl, she grabs Emma's boyfriend, lays a big kiss on him and walks off with him hand and hand.

215 voters have answered this question.

real quick, who's hotter?

64% (135) Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter)
35% (74) Victoria Justice (star of the Nick t.v. show Victorious)

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did you like this poll?

70% (144) yeah, i loved it.
19% (40) yeah, it was kinda fun
5% (12) it wasn't the worst i've taken, not the best either
0% (2) nahh, i didn't really like it
2% (5) no, it was terrible, you fail at life completely

203 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-01-31 21:12:13 by hgfan
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