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There may be a war coming

I'm not trying to scare anyone, but had a dream once about a future war in the U.S., and believe That one day it will come true, I just want to see how many people think the same thing, and how many don't think it will happen. Yes I know that not everyone will take this poll, and please forgive me if it's boring or stupid cause this is only the second poll I've ever made, and the first one was pretty stupid. HERE WE GO!!!
Do you think that another war ( Civil War 1800's bieng the first) Will ever happen in the U.S.?
It could happen.
Most likely.
It will most definitely happen.
Have you ever had a dream about war coming to the U.S.?
Yes I have, but it didn't bother me.
Yes I have, and it made me worry.
I have not had any dreams like this, and I'm not worried about it.
I have not had any dreams like this, but I am worried about it.
If there was a war in the U.S. What kind of war do you think it would most likely be?
Civil war
Race war
Foreign invaders
If you don't think that war in the U.S. is likely please choose from reasons below as to why.
The United States military would never let that happen.
I have complete faith in our military, and government to protect us.
It would be suicide for anyone to attack us for any reason.
The rest of the world understands that if they attack us for one day that we will attack, and obliterate the crap out of them for years on end just like we are doing to the middle east.
Are you taking precautions at home like I am in case this ever does happen?
No, because it will never happen.
yes, I am stocking up on firearms, ammunition, and supplies.
I am a survivalist, and have been taking precautions for YEARS!!!
I am not currently taking any precautions, but intend to do so.
What's a precaution?
If you think that war in the U.S. is likely to happen, how long do you think it will be until it does?
A few weeks.
A month from now.
A couple of months.
A few months.
Middle of the year.
A year or two
It could happen at any time, and there's no telling when it will happen, or why.
Do you believe that people should listen to what their dreams are telling them, and act on their gut feeling?
Yes, I always do.
No, it's absolutely pointless
Dreams-yes, gut feeling-no
Gut feeling-yes, Dreams-no
This poll was created on 2011-01-31 14:32:02 by Hick 22