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Social Networking

Your feelings about privacy and functionality on social networking sites.
Do you ever avoid social networking because you feel that maintaining your privacy on social networking sites takes too much effort?
Yes. It's a pain to have to set all those privacy settings, so I often end up posting nothing.
Sometimes. I use social networks regularly, but every once in a while it's easier not to post anything at all than to go through and select who can see it.
No, privacy settings aren't a pain. I limit who can see my posts all the time! I don't mind the extra step.
I have nothing to hide. All my friends can see all my posts!
Do you ever feel like the privacy settings on social networking sites aren't effective?
Yes. Once something's on the web you don't have any control over it.
Maybe. I feel like privacy settings help, but I still feel like stuff I post isn't totally secure.
Privacy settings work for me. I'm not nervous about posting stuff when I use privacy settings.
How do you manage what your friends can see on social networks? (Pick the methods you use the MOST.)
All my friends can see the same stuff. Who cares? I have nothing to hide.
I rely on site settings to keep control over which friends can see what.
I use different sites to keep in touch with different groups (example: I use Facebook only for close friends, LinkedIn for acquaintances, and Flickr to share with family.)
I censor myself heavily. If it's not fit for all groups, then I don't post it to begin with.
I am really careful about who I accept friend requests from. This way, I don't have to worry as much about what I'm posting.
I limit which people or groups can view a post.
I mainly use another method that I will describe:
This poll was created on 2011-01-24 22:02:48 by UXlady