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No longer Resist Being Dressed Up " 2 "

Well it has been almost 2 years since I made my first poll. In the last 2 years some things are still the same and others have changed. The Same: I am still required to be smartly dressed at all times, depending on the circumstances, dictates style of dress. For School: 2 piece or 3 piece suit, or dress shirt, tie, dress slacks,dress socks,belt,dress shoes(always highly polished)wool jumper,sweatervest,wool waistcoat (vest) sportcoat or blazer. For after school,around house evenings or weekends,going out with friends, etc. Same as for school is required. Whats different: 1- Dressing this way seems totally normal to me now. ( I no longer look at other boys dressed the way I use to (t-shirts,jeans etc.) and get upset because I don't have clothes like that any longer) infact all my close friends dress the same way as myself,so to us we are dressed normally.We formed a club where you must wear a suit or jacket and tie to come to meetings,or go on outings,and have members that might wear other clothes elsewhere, but meet required dress when with the club. 2- Parents have relaxed some rules with my form of dress. * I use to have to wear a jacket all the time except in my room. I am now allowed to go without my jacket around the house, as long as the following is met: I am wearing a jumper,sweatervest,waistcoat(vest),also when my parents or I don't have company over, or at meal times. Other wise except in my room jacket must be worn. 3- At meal times, a little less formal. Unless I am at a gathering with family or friends where Formal dress is required (I wear Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket) I am allowed to wear a suit, or sport/blazer. what ever I want, except a Jacket is required. 4- I now get to go shopping with mom for my clothes at gentlemans shops, and I get to pick my shirts,ties,suits,sportcoats,etc. But, mom gets final say, but then again, with my choices, it has been a long time since she has said no to any of my choices. 5- As far as what I wear day to day, I can lay out an outfit, on my bed, and mom will look it over, and give her approval. Although sometimes in the evening, when I go to my room to get ready for bed, I will find an outfit layed out for the next day, she says it is because she misses doing it for me. 6- I get to choose what cukklinks,collarbar,tie pin,collar pin etc. I wish to wear with outfit.
Are you Boy or Girl?
What age are you?
17 and above
Do you dress this way?
If yes
Your parents make you
Your parents made you start dressing this way, but now you like dressing this way
You just wanted to dress this way on your own
When do you dress this way?
Always dressed this way, don't have any other kind of clothes
For school
Special Occasions ( out to dinner,church,etc)
If you started dressing this way because of your parents, and given a choice, would you?
Continue wearing dress clothes, because you now really like them, and don't see yourself wearing anything else
Can't get your dress clothes off of yourself quick enough to get into a t-shirt and jeans (or other casual clothes)
When getting New Clothes, do you?
Get to go shopping by yourself?
Get to go along and pick out your clothes, but parent has final say
Only get to wear what your parent went and bought and brought home
For Boys: Your mom or dad is taking you to the young gentlemans shop, and you are going to get some new clothes. You are getting ready to enter the doors of the shop
You are just about being dragged through the doors by your parent
You are very excited, and can not wait to get in the shop
Niether, because they don't take you, and you wear whatever they bring home
You are now in the shop, how are you feeling?
You are upset, because you wear these clothes because of your parents, you would rather be somewhere else, and hate every moment you are there and can not wait for it to be over
You do not care either way. ( You are not excited about getting new clothes, but you also realize you have no choice in the matter, and are just doing what you have to do)
Are very excited ( you really like shopping for new dress clothes, you love picking out sport coats and suits, and trying them on, also picking out shirts and ties etc.)
Do you have friends that have the same dress code?
If yes, Do you invite them over to see new clothes?
If you have a friend or friends that happen to be the same size as you, do you do any or all of the following?
Like a suit your friends has and borrow and wear it
like a sportcoat or blazer your friend has and borrow and wear it
lend one of your suits he likes to him to wear
lend one of your sportcoats/blazers to him to wear that he likes
dress shirts
waistcoat (vest)
cufflinks,tie pins,collar bars/pins etc.
you or your friend just got some new dress clothes you go to each others home, and are excited about trying them on
none of the above because your parents don't allow it
none of the above because you don't want to wear anyone elses clothes
none of the above because you hate wearing your dress clothes, so why would you want to wear his
Do you get to pick what you will wear each day?
Yes (But it must be approved by a parent)
No ( I must wear what is layed out for me)
My parents and myself, and 2 of my friends and their parents took a trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida, for a week, each day, while attending the parks, we boys were required to wear: dress slacks, shirt, tie,waistcoat(vest) and dress shoes. We did not have to wear a jacket during the day in the parks, but had to in the evening and at meals out of the park. So if you were told you were being taken to Disney World, or a park like that and had to dress the way we did, or not go would you still want to go?
No Way! there is no way I would wear those kind of clothes to an amusement park, and have people staring at me!
You Bet! this is how I dress all the time, and don't have any other clothes nor do I want other clothes to wear, besides I don't mind the attention or at least don't care about people looking at me
I guess! I may not be thrilled with the clothes I would be wearing, but I really want to go, and will make the best of it
If your parents required you to dress as we did on vacation, because they see it as normal way of dressing, what would be your thoughts on it?
No big deal. this is how we dress all the time no matter where we go so we really don't mind
Don't like it. though they require a strict form of dress, they could at least relax it a little, and let you wear more casual clothes on vacation
This poll was created on 2011-01-23 18:50:27 by ethan15