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Gantz Mission

In the manga, anime, and also the movie Gantz, a mysterious black ball summons people to it when they die. "Gantz" as the ball is called will give the person a 2nd chance at life, but must run a deadly mission. Although Gantz will heal any wounds you get, if you die again, you die for real. Most don't survive their fisrt mission, but if you do Gantz will give you point and let you live your life until the next mission. The only way out is to get a total of 100 points. What would you do if you were called into fight for Gantz?
How many points do you think you would get on your fisrt mission? Would you even survive?
I would die.
0, I would be heppy just to survive
Less then 10
10 to 20 points
20 to 30 points
30 to 40 points
40 to 50 points
50 to 60 points
60 to 70 points
70 to 80 points
80 to 90 points
90 to 99 points (Are you serious?)
100 or more points (You're kidding, right?)
Gants gives everyone a custom fitting black suit. It gives you great strength, speed, jumping ability, and some level of protection from harm. Still they look weird and you may not have been told what they do. Would you put it on?
Gantz gives you weapon. What would your main weapon be? http://gantz.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Gantz_Equipment
X-Gun (Makes things explodes after a delay)
X-Rifle/X-Shoutgun (Like the X-Gun, but with a longer rang)
Y-Gun (Ties up and can send away targets)
Gantz Sword (Katana-like weapon that can extend without loss of durability and can cut just about anything)
Gantz Cycle (A type of monowheel, with a seat for a driver and a rider)
None, I'd go bare handed
When you get to 100 points gives you 3 options. What would you pick if you got that far?
1.You will be freed along with your memories erased
2.You will be given an extremely powerful weapon
3.You will be able to revive a human being from the memory
Do you have any military or combat training?
Only what I picked up from video games
Some martial arts training
Advance martial arts training
Practice at the firing range
Normal army training.
Served in a war, but didn't see much action
Sered in a war and got some kills
Sered in a war and got lots of kills
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