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crossplaying which is cosplay crossdressing

ok so me and my friends where talking about cosplaying for an up coming con, for those who dont know its dressing up like a anime or manga character so i joked and said i sould do a certain female character with large breasts and a lot of clevage now i already agreed but i need an idea how far to take it

right then first question how far sould i go?

0% (0) just the costume and a wig
0% (0) the above and make up
0% (0) all the above and body hair removal
0% (0) hair styled, no wig (i have hair pass my solders)
0% (0) all the above and a bodyshaper
0% (0) all the above and hip pads
16% (5) all the above and a padded bra
48% (15) all the above and learning how to talk and move feminine
35% (11) all the above and anything else you can think of (leave comment but please no breast forms too expensive)

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any ideas on how to make some cleavage and decent size breasts?

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i dont crossdress normally and have no expirance in make up, hair styling or body hair removal so any girls out there in the uk near a town called swindon would be willing to help me out please let me know in the comments you be a big help

4% (1) yes i live/ am near swindon i'll help out
78% (18) sorry want to but nowhere close
17% (4) just dont want to

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This poll was created on 2011-01-21 19:37:01 by oddone
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