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What do you find offensive? Political

This part of the survey is based on how someone sees stuff from a political angle. Based on political beliefs, and laws.
Its more important to preserve tradition than creating revolution
There are people starving in the streets, and all you care about is preserving a dead culture?
In some respects(Caring for the elder) yes, but revolution is necessary too.
Tradition is what makes a country unique, and should be preserved at all costs.
Removing "under God" from the pledge
Its just some historical tradition, and if you dont want to say the pledge, no one needs to make you.
We have more important things to worry about than a phrase in the pledge.
I could care less
The pledge should not favor one religion, but whatever.
It is not fair to Atheists
Democrats are nothing but a bunch of hippies who want to get all our rights taken away
Thats a lie, we care more about your individual freedoms, but dont want to just let the big guy pounce all over the little guy
Some Democrats are like that
Correct, Democrats are just a bunch of babies who want someone to look out for them.
Republicans care more about preserving some hick values
Absolutely not! America was founded on conservative values, and should stay that way
In many respects yes, and others not so much
Absolutely, its not up to the government to tell gays they cant get married.
The ruler of a country who bans anything that they do not like
Thats the worst kind of Government. Just because he/she does not like it does not mean everyone else has to have their rights taken away.
They may have reasons, but who knows
Its their country, and their rules.
Police officers giving out tickets like lollypops
There are murderers, rapists, and abusers out there, and your going to ticket people for stupid crap so you can have some extra money?
Its no big deal, but they should be able to handle real criminals too.
Yes, if people are gonna break the law, they need to be punished.
Animals being taken away for causing minor injury to another
If someone is antagonizing a dog/cat they deserve to be bit/scratched.
There is no reason to kill an animal just because someone got a little booboo.
Dont put the animal down, but at least pay for the medical bills.
Absolutely, we dont need dangerous animals biting people.
The philosophy of Divine Right(God ordained you to rule)
No one needs to be punished because your trying to sanctify your control freak issues.
It wont hurt anything
Even though its unpopular, it is absolutely necessary
There should be laws regulating how people are treated in the workforce
No absolutely not. If they dont like it, leave.
Only if companies are abusing workers
yes, corporations neet to be put in their place, and learn to treat people with respect.
People should live to work
No way, we are people dammit, not my bosses personal slave
If needbe
Yes, thats the American way, and how else are we supposed to make a strong economy?
Civil Disobedience
Not acceptable at all. Just because a law is unfair does not mean it should be trampled on.
In some cases, if it is unethical
As long as its not one thats gonna endanger anyone, its fine. No one is ever gonna catch you.
Its always okay. The government has no right telling me what to do, and its not my job to submit to them.
This poll was created on 2010-04-05 23:00:53 by Jm095454