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What do you find offensive? Cultural, ethnic and racial

This deals with issues related to society, such as etiquette, cultures, stereotypes, social causes, and race and ethnicity.
Terms such as dago, wopp, nigger, chink, Jap, coon, kraut, towelhead or spick.
Those terms are racist, and are not acceptable terms.
Its okay if you belong to one of those groups
Its okay for joking purposes
More liberal filth to censor how we speak.
Terms such as Fundie, Bible Thumper, heretic, heathen, holy roller, idolaters, or cultist
Just because you dont agree with them does not mean they should be slanged
Sometimes they get on my nerves and things slip.
Truth hurts.
Italians are mobsters, Germans are Nazis, Blacks abuse women, Mexicans are rapists, Arabs are Terrorists.
Those are offfensive stereotypes that are extremely irrelevant
Only a small minority are
thats just their opinion
Its the truth, and sometimes truth hurts.
Mexicans are Lazy, Germans are Fat, Polish are Stupid, Koreans have anger issues, French smell.
Thats extremely offensive.
Those are stereotypes
Its okay if you are just joking
Quit being such babies
Italians are good cooks, Chinese are smart, Indians are attractive, Irish are good musicians.
Thats racist
Even though they are complimentary still makes them stereotypical
Its a compliment, dont be such a baby.
Wearing clothes representing a culture that you are not part of
Thats just rude, and is a complete mockery of another culture
If you are being respectful about it, thats fine.
It depends on the exact circumstance.
Its a compliment to see someone who likes your cultures clothing, and people need to not be so narcisstic.
Imitating another English Speaking accent(British, Canadian, Northern, Southern, Irish, NY, Jamaican, Australian.)
Thats not appropriate, and is a complete mockery
Its okay for theatre purposes
If its for humor, thats fine.
Who cares, there is nothing racist or offensive about that.
Imitating a European(Western) accent(Italian, German, French, Spanish, Slavic, Greek, Scandinavian)
Thats not appropriate, and is a complete mockery
Its okay for theatre purposes
If its for humor, thats fine.
Who cares, there is nothing racist or offensive about that.
Imitating a non-Western Accent(Arabic,Indian,Swahili,Persian,Chinese,Japanese,Thai)
Thats a bit risky for being outside the western spectrum
If its for theatre reasons, its fine
Dont be so uptight, its funny.
Mistaking an Indian for being Arab, Mistaking a Japanese for being native American, Mistaking an Italian for being hispanic,
That is just downright offensive, and if someone makes that mistake they are an idiot
Its kind of a silly mistake, but not racist
Its an easy mistake to make
Not hiring someone of a certain ethnicity because they are not qualified for a job
That is racist, and discriminative
It depends on the exact circumstance
If someone is not qualified for a job, then they should not be hired
Thats extremely stupid to let someone do a job that they are not qualified to do, that could cause harm just so you dont offend someone
Special sensitivity to people from another country
No, they are American now, and we do not need to give them special treatment just cause they are from another country
In some cases, such as not having good English, or not understanding our customs
Yes at all times
Special Sensitivity to people of a minority race
No, they are people too, and deserve the same exact treatment
It depends on the circumstance
Yes, they are a minority, and deserve special sensitivity
A womens place is to cook and clean
Excuse me, that is sexist
Yeah, its not the mans job
Checking someone of Arab or Indian descent at security
Thats just racist and unacceptable
Its not really ideal
Security measures are very important, and we cannot risk letting someone dangerous get in just because someone finds it offensive.
Its just standard security, and they do that for everyone, despite their ethnicity
People in the Ghetto are so ignorant and trashy
Thats just an offensive stereotype
Many are, but most are not
Its the truth, too bad
People in rural areas are dumb hicks
That is uncalled for
Its just a joke
Very few actually are
Yeah, ever been out in the country?
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