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What do you find offensive? psychological, human and animal behavior

this is the last survey, but is based on how we percieve and react to human and animal behavior.
Use of the term Retard to describe someone you deem as dumb, immature or weird
Thats offensive to people who are mentally retarded
Thats a lousy stereotype for someone mentally retarded
Its a phrase that means nothing today
Using the term Gay to describe someone you deem as dumb, immature or weird
Offensive to Homosexuals
Its not really ideal, but not much we can do about it.
Its okay, its just a word.
Homosexuality is a choice
No way in hell, who would choose that?
Its definitely not a choice, but its fine
Some choose it, other dont
Of course, how can one be naturally homosexual?
People with mental retardation dont know what they want, and need someone to control their lives
Well, someone doesnt know anything about the mentally retarded. They are underestimated by a bunch of biggots.
In some respects they need extra help, but deserve dignity
Sorry to say, but thats the truth.
Anxiety Disorder is just an excuse for one to hide their sinful nature
No way, its a real disorder thats scientifically proven
I dont really know
Yes, its the truth.
Its okay to make children go on medicines with nasty side effects on people with ADD, ADHD, Autism, or schizophrenia
No way! That is torture for no good purpose
sacrifies are needed, but not if it gets to be agonizing
Its more important to render their disorder than feeling okay.
Animals are unable to love
Oh BS! it appears you never had any pets
well a sponge cant, but more complex animals can
Yes, animals have no love on them, they are ran on instinct.
This poll was created on 2010-04-06 02:01:23 by Jm095454