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The pleasures of walking barefoot

I have recently discovered how enjoyable it can be to walk barefoot, and I am curious to find out how often other people choose to go without shoes. Thanks for taking my poll!
What is your gender?
Do you enjoy walking barefoot?
No (do not continue)
At what age did you first discover that you enjoyed walking shoeless?
I have loved walking barefoot as long as I can remember
Age 3-5
Age 5-10
Age 10-13
Age 13-15
Age 15-18
Age 18-20
Age 20+
Describe the first barefoot memory that you have:
If you have not always enjoyed walking barefoot, what experience made you discover that you like it? (For example, I was on a camping trip with a friend, and we decided to kayak out to an island. When we arrived at the island, there was a slightly rugged hiking trail on it, and seeing as though we were kayaking, I was wearing a pair of flip-flops. The flip-flops were useless on this hike, so I shed the shoes, walked almost two miles barefoot, and loved it)
After this experience, did you spend the rest of the day barefoot?
What is the longest period of time you have gone without shoes or socks?
12 hours to one day
1-2 days
2-5 days
1 week
1-2 weeks
2-3 weeks
3 weeks to 1 month
The entire summer
I am a year-round barefooter
Do you encourage others to walk barefoot?
Yes, I want to share the pleasure with others
Yes, I get pleasure from forcing others to walk barefoot
No, it is their choice
Who encourages you to walk barefoot?
No one, choose to do this on my own
Parents encourage me to avoid shoes, but do not force me
Parents force me to walk barefoot
Friends encourage me to avoid shoes, but do not force me
Friends force me to walk barefoot
Do you enjoy walking barefoot outdoors?
Yes, love it!
No, avoid it at all costs
If you enjoy walking barefoot, what are your favorite surfaces?
Fallen leaves
Pine needles
Asphalt/ concrete
Dirt paths
Short grass
Long grass
In the summer, how many hours each day do you spend barefoot?
0-2 hours
2-4 hours
4-6 hours
6-10 hours
10-15 hours
15-20 hours
The entire day
I have personally taken an interest in barefoot hiking, and enjoy the challenge of long-distance barefoot-walking. What is the furthest you have ever walked barefoot? (estimate)
To the end of the driveway to get the mail
Down the street to a friend's house
Around the block
One mile
1-2 miles
2-3 miles
3+ miles
If you walked more than one mile in your bare feet, why did you do this?
I lost my shoes
My shoes became unusable for some reason
I simply wanted to!
Other (feel free to explain your story on the message board!)
On a scale from 1 to 10, rate the toughness of the soles of your feet:
1- smooth and soft, can't handle walking barefoot outdoors
5- I'm a summer barefooter, and can handle some terrain with no problem
10- I have the toughest feet of anyone I know, and I choose to walk barefoot year-round
One consequence of walking barefoot is getting dirty soles. How do you feel about this?
I love it!
I am okay with it, it happens
I hate it, and it prevents me from walking barefoot on occasion
In your opinion, do you think men or women enjoy walking barefoot more?
For your ideal vacation, what footwear would you pack?
No footwear at all!
A pair of flip-flops
Shoes and socks
If rules about bare feet did not exist, would you always walk without shoes?
Do your parents walk barefoot outside of the house?
Yes, mom only
Yes, dad only
Yes, both
Do you have siblings who are avid barefooters?
Yes, brother(s)
Yes, sister(s)
Yes, both genders
If you were to take off your shoes and socks to do an activity, would you leave them off for the remainder of the day?
After a long day of outdoor barefoot walking, how do your feet feel?
Great! I'm used to it, there's no noticeable difference
I have an amazing tingling feeling in the soles of my feet for the rest of the night!
My feet and legs are sore
I would like to walk barefoot in public more often, but I am new to this and quite shy. What are some excuses that you use for walking barefoot if someone sees you?
Are you barefoot right now?
No, but I will be as soon as possible!
Do you plan on enjoying the pleasures and freedoms of bare feet for the rest of the day?
This poll was created on 2010-12-27 07:51:13 by soxfan33