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Pubic hair removal by women - Guys preferences

Guys opinions on pubic hair removal of women. This survey is for sexually active heterosexual males to tell us what preferences they have in their female partner's pubic hair. Lots of women (and men) remove some or all of their pubic hair. Is this what the guys want, the girls want, or both? Does it make sex better? Take the poll and let us know.

What is your age?

12% (88) Less than 18 years old
41% (281) 18-30 years old
21% (148) 31-45 years old
24% (166) 45-60 years old

683 voters have answered this question.

Guys, do you have any preferences on how your sexual partners groom their pubic hair?

13% (91) No preference. However she keeps it is fine with me.
48% (330) I have preferences, but it is not that important.
38% (262) Yes, I have standards

683 voters have answered this question.

How do you prefer your partners to keep their pubic hair? To help keep it simple, the top is what we'll call the "triangle" area in front. The bottom part is what we'll call what is below that, between the legs. Bare means no visible hair (removed by waxing, shaving, tweezing or any other method) but in this poll, we'll just refer to it as shaving.

46% (321) Totally bare. No hair down there from top to bottom
9% (68) Only a Small strip (less than 1" wide) on the top, all bare below
6% (44) I like a little more on top (less than half is left), all bare below
6% (43) Triangle only - all of the top is there, its usually trimmed shorter, but all bare below
7% (49) I don't care what is left on top, but the bottom part has to be hair free
9% (66) Just trimmed down in length everywhere, but not shaved. What length?
13% (92) Natural - not trimmed or shaved in any way

683 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever asked any sexual partners to shave or trim their pubic hair?

34% (236) No, never have
24% (168) I have made hints or suggestions, but no demands
27% (190) Yes, a few times
13% (89) Always, if it is not to my liking

683 voters have answered this question.

Have any of your sexual partners asked you to shave or trim their pubic hair?

50% (348) No, never had the opportunity
17% (122) Once in a great while
22% (154) Yea, Sometimes
8% (59) Hell yea, do it all the time

683 voters have answered this question.

Would you be more or less likely to give oral to your partner based on her having pubic hair?

16% (115) I will only do oral if/when she is bare
36% (247) If she is bare, It is more appealing and I'll do it longer
14% (99) I would rather not if she is not shaved, but I wouldn't rule it out
32% (222) It would make no difference to me if there is hair there or not

683 voters have answered this question.

If you prefer your partners to be mostly or totally bare, what are the reasons you like it that way? Check all that apply.

26% (183) I don't - This question does not apply to me
53% (365) Visual appeal - shaved vulvas look awesome
35% (243) Its my favorite part of the female body and I like to see all the bits
18% (129) I think it makes her look younger or more virginal down there
18% (127) I like camel toe and you can definitely see it better when shaved
9% (62) It is the popular trend - most of the girls do it
22% (157) It’s a little bit kinky and I like that
23% (162) Having hair down there is kinda gross
30% (205) I think it helps keep that area actually cleaner
31% (218) I think it makes that area smell/taste better
24% (167) It feels better when having regular sex - less friction from the outside
34% (238) It feels better when having regular sex - I like the skin-on-skin feeling
48% (333) It is much better when giving oral sex - Duh!
38% (262) I like to play with it and like how a smoothie feels to the touch
18% (127) She prefers it that way, so I like it too
2% (14) She does it also for a fetish practice we do. Like What?
16% (112) It adds to the fun when she lets me shave her
1% (13) Other not mentioned

683 voters have answered this question.

If you see that a girl shaves completely, do you have any first impressions or preconcieved thoughts about her? Check all that apply.

57% (384) No, I think nothing of it, it is so commonplace
17% (115) Yes, I would assume that she is experienced
9% (62) Yes, I might think that she is easy
21% (143) Yes, I would assume that she knows shat guys want
21% (146) Yes, I might think she likes oral

672 voters have answered this question.

Do you think that most girls who shave it do it for the guys?

40% (278) I think they like it shaved themselves, so would do it anyway
31% (215) I think most girls think guys expect them shaved, so they do it
15% (104) I don't think it matters much to most, but since guys like it they do it
3% (24) I don't think that they like it, but do it so that they will get more oral
7% (51) I don't think that most girls want to, but they want to be popular and fit in
1% (11) Something else?

683 voters have answered this question.

Has a girl ever asked you to trim or shave your hair there? Would you let her do it for you?

32% (221) Yes, and I let her do it right then
9% (62) Yes, but I told her I'd rather do it myself
2% (19) Yes, but its not my thing and I told her forget it
26% (179) No, but I would let her if I trust her
15% (105) No, Because I'm already very well groomed there
14% (97) No, nobody has asked me and I wouldn't let them anyway

683 voters have answered this question.

Do you do any trimming or shaving on yourself? Pick the closest one.

19% (135) No, I leave it alone
20% (142) I just trim it up some
10% (73) I trim it all down very short
8% (56) trim up top, only shave the sack
16% (110) trim up top, shave the sack and below
24% (167) Keep it all bare top and bottom

683 voters have answered this question.

In your experience, what do most of your female partners seem to be doing with their pubic hair?

24% (167) Most just trim, but some do shave it bare or wax it all off
30% (206) Just about all of them are completely shaved
7% (54) Most shave just the bottom part and trim the rest
1% (11) They usually shave the top if they have a tattoo down there or clit ring, otherwise just shave the bottom
6% (44) Its probably about half with most of their hair, half mostly bare
14% (102) It’s a mix - some trim it short, some leave little strips, some are all bare, some are natural
10% (73) I still see most girls with most of their hair
3% (26) Other?

683 voters have answered this question.

Thanks for taking the poll. I hope you had as much fun taking it as I had making it. Please visit my other surveys on Mister Poll.

100% (33) Any Comments on the poll?

33 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-12-19 22:54:05 by laserdude
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