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What about children's Beauty Pageants?

Are they good or bad, supportive or harmful to children?
Please tick whichever statements you agree with. These choices are in random order.
Little girls are not supposed to wear makeup.
They ruin children's lives.
They give little girls a sense of achievement.
Little girls feel wonderful to look so attractive.
They are exploitative.
They give rise to envy and jealousy.
They give unrealistic standards to little girls.
They encourage self-confidence in children.
They encourage children to do their best.
They give little girls and their families happiness.
They rob children of their childhood.
They present little girls at their best.
They make little girls grow up too early.
They encourage sexual attraction towards children.
Little girls are not supposed to wear such pretty dresses.
Their audiences genuinely appreciate the beauty of children.
Little girls like to show how pretty they are.
Their audiences are mainly full of pedophiles.
They help parents to focus on their children.
They are vehicles for over-interfering mothers.
Can you think of other reasons?
Children's beauty pageants are harmful for other reasons
Children's beauty pageants are beneficial for other reasons
No other reasons
This poll was created on 2010-12-12 21:12:43 by Xanordon