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Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans

This poll is for guys only. Skinny jeans are now very common and even the percent of guys who wear them super tight has gone up. Do you wear them for the look or the way they feel?
Do you wear skinny jeans a lot?
yes, that's pretty much all I wear
yes, but I wear other kind of jeans often too
Why do you wear skinny jeans? (select as many choices as you want)
It's just the style and I like to look cool
Most girls think it looks hot on me
I like the way it looks on me.
I like the way it feels on me
How tight are your tightest skinnies?
skinny but still some loose fabric all over
skinny but snug in the waist and thighs and butt
tight in the thighs, butt and crotch, but straight leg
tight all over, including the knee and calves
basically skintight all over
what do you wear under your skinniest jeans usually?
jockstrap or other
How into skinny jeans are you?
not that much, they're just clothes
really like them and a little obsessed about them
definitely into them and they are sort of a fetish
Does anyone tease you or say bad things when you wear tight skinny jeans?
yes , they say it's gay or something like that
rarely or never
Do skinny jeans turn you on?
no not really
a little bit but I ignore it
sometimes, and sometimes I catch myself touching my jeans crotch
often, and I sometimes rub my jeans crotch
I've actually JO'd inside my jeans sometimes
what kind of shirts do you wear with skinny jeans?
usually something fairly tight or snug
usually something a little loose or baggy
under 15
25 -30
over 30
what's the craziest or sexiest thing you ever did in skinny jeans where the fact that you wore the jeans was a part of it? (like getting thrown in a pool while wearing skinnies, etc)?
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This poll was created on 2010-12-05 23:26:45 by sticky8447