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The first Moshi Monsters Poll!

(Possibly) the first poll on Mister Poll about the famous Moshi Monsters. Have a nice time.
My username is .
Is your monster a:
Katsuma (stripy cat/rabbit)
Luvli (flying heart)
Poppet (cute puppy)
Zommer (zombie)
Furi (yeti)
Diavlo (flying volcano)
Are you a:
Beta Tester
Beginner (less than 6 months)
Advanced (>6 months)
Moshi Member
Complete and utter nutcase
Standard Member
I have different monsters. They are mostly .
Have you ever:
Caught a common moshling
Caught an uncommon moshling
Caught a rare moshling
Caught a ultra-rare moshling
Caught a Roxy
Been a moshi member
Been friends with a beta tester or member of staff
Been monStar of the week
Have room of the week
Posted a MM video to youtube
Recieved a random rock prize, or any other virtual prize (megaton cuddly toy ect.)
Recieved a real prize (iPhone, Video Camera)
Been featured in the newspaper
Brought a Moshi related item (shirt, Iphone app, toy, cards, books)
had your shoutout posted
Had a forum with 20 or more comments
Sent in some artwork to be feautured as art of the week/in the art gallery/seen when clicking the artwork of the week on the blog pages
Had to type in a code
Been to a book signing or other Moshi party anywhere in the world
had a monster rating of M
None of the above
What did you think of the Poll. Would you come back to do it again and tell another person about this poll?
This poll was created on 2010-11-20 20:54:08 by AlexaVega