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Giantess Poll (Women Only!)

Tell us about becoming a sexy, powerful Giantess! (Note that some questions allow more than one answer). Feel free to email me with any comments/suggestions/questions at mistergtspoll@gmail.com.
How old are you?
Under 18
Older than 35
How tall are you?
Less than 5 feet (1.5 meters)
5-5'5 (1.5-1.65 meters)
5'5-6' (1.65-1.80 meters)
Taller than 6' (1.80 meters)
What is your relationship status?
In a relationship
Does growing into a giantess sound sexy? (Rate from 1 to 5, less for less)
You see an ant walking by your foot. What do you do?
Leave the poor bugger alone
Crush it
Tease it then crush it
Tease it and leave it alone
You have just discovered you have the power to grow. What do you do?
"Nothing. I like my size."
Grow less than 50 feet (15 meters)
Grow between 50-100 feet (15-30 meters)
Grow a few miles tall
"Let's see how big I can get!"
What do you do with your new power?
Use it to do good
Use it for personal gain
Use it to have fun
What type of shoes do you wear as a Giantess?
Thigh-High Stiletto Boots
High Heeled Sandals
High Heeled Boots
Just my Bare Feet
How do you treat everyone?
I'm kind and try not to hurt anyone
I crush everyone I see under my feet
I tease and torment the little people before I squish them
I toy with 'em, but I try not to do much damage
I don't care much; they should watch out for my foot
Where would you go to take a walk as a Giantess?
The countryside
A secluded beach
A big city
Somewhere else
Would you like other giant people around?
No! Everyone else is just dust beneath my feet!
Yes, I'd like a few more giantesses with me
Yes, I'd like a few male giants around
Urgh... Is it necessary?
How about crushing people under your foot?
Definitely! That's Sexy!
Sounds like fun!
Hmm. Maybe
I don't think so
How about crushing people under your butt?
Definitely! That's Sexy!
Sounds like fun!
Hmm. Maybe
I don't think so
How about using your boobs to crush people?
Mmm... I'd love to feel them squirming under my boobs!
Yeah, I'd do that
It's a little messy
No way, man!
How about eating a few tiny people?
I'd love to press them against my lips and feel their puny bodies under my tongue!
Yup! A woman's gotta eat!
Well... If there's nothing else around...
I don't like the idea
Is being a Giantess sexually arousing?
Very much so!
Yes it is!
It might be
Definitely not!
You'd like the people beneath you to:
Fear you for your power
Admire you for your strength and beauty
Worship you and secretly desire you
Envy you
All of the above
None of the above
What would you do for your sexual needs as a Giantess?
Try to find a suitably shaped object
Try to find a giant male
Shrink down, have some fun, then grow back
Satisfy yourself
Have an army of tiny men cater to your needs
Suppose that the more people you crush, the bigger you get. What do you do?
He, he. I crush 'em all!
I crush most of them
I crush a fair amount
I crush noone
Congratulations! You have grown big enough to be inhabitable! How do you find the idea?
Perfect! Micro-people all over my body!
That would be nice!
I'd rather stay smaller...
That's terrible!
You've just woken up and discovered a bunch of tiny people crawling around your body. What do you do?
Crush them all... They tickle
Toy with them, then try to find the most sensual way to squash them
You keep them as pets and use them to please yourself
You keep them as pets, and play with them occasionally
You smile, then open your mouth and drop them in, one by one
You try to help them
Suppose you have the power to shrink people down. Who would you shrink?
My crush
My friends
My enemies
How little would they be?
More than 3 inches
Less than 3 inches
Less than half an inch
Even less! I like 'em really tiny
What would you do with the annoying guy that's had a crush on you since highschool?
I'd finally squish him like the buzzing mosquito that he is!
I'd wear him on my neck as a necklace!
I'd let him live inside my panties! Always there for my pleasure...
I'd keep him in a box and tease him daily!
I'd smother him under my beautiful, round butt!
I'd crush him between my boobs! He should love that!
I'd use him as my tiny slave! He could scrub the dust off my boots!
I'd treat him like a sweet little piece of chocolate... Straight into my gorgeous mouth and down the hatch!
I'd do nothing.
How sexy would it be to shrink the man you're in love with? (Rate from 1 to 5, less for less)
How sexy would it be to shrink your friends? (Rate from 1 to 5, less for less)
How sexy would it be to shrink a person you dislike? (Rate from 1 to 5, less for less)
How do you feel about yourself shrinking?
Not gonna happen! I'm the big one, here!
I wouldn't like it
It might be nice
We're almost there... Did you find this poll sexually arousing?
Have you ever fantasized about being a Giantess before?
Yes! All the time!
Yes, on occasion
No, only rarely
Nope! Never crossed my mind
Nope, I never liked it
Do you think you will fantasize being a Giantess again?
Yes! Definitely!
I think I will
If there's nothing better to do...
Nope, definitely not my piece of cake!
Did you think before you answered the questions?
Yes I did! Don't insult me!
Nope! I just answered spontaneously!
In your views, do women in general like to be Giantesses? (Rate from 1 to 5, less for less)
This poll was created on 2010-11-18 23:41:28 by john37