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Kids Always Barefoot?

My boys and their friends always seem to be barefoot in our house. My boys also come home from other peoples houses with their socks in their pocket and barefoot in their shoes so when they get home they are barefoot still. They must always be barefoot at all of their friends houses. Is this a common thing for boys now? My boys are 12 and 9.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
How often are you barefoot in your home on weekends?
On weekdays, how often do you take your socks off after school when you get home? If yes, around what time usually?
You are going to your friends house on a weekend. Tell what footwear you would have on in the morning before you go, what footwear you would leave your house with, what you have on at your friends house, and what you have on when you return back home.
You go to a friends house after school. Would you take your socks off? If yes, would it be at the door or not? If not, around what time would it usually be?
Same question as number 5, but this time you will be sleeping over at your friends house.
Do you go barefoot in your home throughout the winter?
When friends come around to your house after school, how often do they take their socks off? Do they take them off at the door or not? How about on the weekends?
If you and your friends want to go in your backyard, would you take your socks off or put your shoes on? What if you were at a friends house instead of yours?
During the summer, how often are you barefoot at home?
During the summer, if you were going to a friends house what would you put on your feet?
During the summer while school is still in, what do you put on your feet to go to school? If shoes and socks, after school do you take off your socks? Around what time would this be?
Do you do sports/games that require you to be in your bare feet? What are they?
If you decided to take your socks off one time at a friends house, would you put them back on before you leave? Do you sometimes forget the socks at your friends house?
This poll was created on 2010-11-12 05:35:32 by disceased.owl