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Bellatrix vs Granger... again!

Who wins in a wrestling match between the 2 witches?
What if the 2 wrestled during Hermione's first year?
Bellatrix crushes the child with no effort
11 year old Hermione, against all odds, pins and beats the adult witch
Year 2?
Bellatrix defeats the little girl
Herimone, learning from her last match, beats Bellatrix
Year 3?
Hermione is still no match for the sadistic witch
Bellatrix is defeated by the smaller 13 year old
Year 4?
Bellatrix makes sure Hermione knows who is superior, but Hermione puts up her best effort yet
Hermione, though badly hurt and weak, finally defeats Bellatrix
Bonus Question for year 4: This year, Bellatrix agrees to take on Fleur...
Bellatrix makes short work of the beautiful French girl
Fleur's tight body gives her the advantage over Lestrange
Year 5?
Bellatrix is able to humiliate the 15 year old, but she realizes it's not as easy as it used to be
Hermione, stronger and smarter than ever, shocks the full grown witch with a victory
BQ: Bellatrix wants a piece of Cho...
Bellatrix traps Cho between her legs and makes the pretty Ravenclaw cry
Cho, who has a great body, defeats the evil woman
Year 6:
Bellatrix once again defeats the 16 year old
Hermione makes Bellatrix weep at her feet
Hermione at 17:
Bellatrix, showing no mercy at all this time, makes Hermione cry and beg for her life after being badly outclassed and thrown around like a ragdoll
Hermione shows once and for all that she is not only the stronger witch, but the stronger woman
This poll was created on 2010-11-09 20:47:09 by hgfan