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App Media is exclusively dedicated to developing and producing filmed content for smartphone users. Our content will be simple to download, entertaining and original. App Mediaʼs first production is a mini-series entitled Persona. Persona is an everyday drama of real people in the style of ʻFriendsʼ, ʻSex and the City’ and ʻDesperate Housewivesʼ. Each 'appisode' of Persona will be written, recorded and broadcast within a very short timeframe – making Persona consistently fresh and relevant. Persona will be a sharp and witty drama with characters bearing recognisable traits - quirky, sexy and a little bit different... We would like to know more about our possible viewers (it might be you). The poll is anonymous so don't be afraid to answer with all honestly. Tell us what you like and what you think about our new project. We are looking forwards to hearing from you. App Media Team, Facebook: www.facebook.com/app.media Twitter: http://twitter.com/App_Media App Media 9 Adam Street London, WC2N 6AA www.App-Media.com

Male or Female

37% (24) Male
62% (40) Female

64 voters have answered this question.


35% (23) 18-24
20% (13) 25-29
26% (17) 30-35
6% (4) 36-41
10% (7) 41 +

64 voters have answered this question.

Do you have a smartphone?

34% (22) no
29% (19) iphone
17% (11) Blackberry
7% (5) Android
12% (8) other
0% (0) itouch

64 voters have answered this question.

Do you download applications?

50% (32) yes
50% (32) no

64 voters have answered this question.

Please tick the TV series you watch

63% (39) Friends
32% (20) Desperate Housewives
45% (28) Sex and the City
22% (14) The West Wing
26% (16) The Wire
31% (19) Mad Men
18% (11) 30 rock
19% (12) Dexter
8% (5) Californication
14% (9) Coupling

61 voters have answered this question.

Thank you for your time.

No graph available for this question

4 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-11-08 15:07:13 by laura marie
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