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The Mass Public MK Smoke Poll

The composite opinion of Mortal Kombat forum communities about Smoke and his setup in the upcoming Mortal Kombat (MK9/2011). Forums that voted on this Poll: MK Online, Midway Forum, TRMK, MK United, MK Nexus, MK Secrets, GameFaqs/Gamespot (360 & PS3), IGN MK Forum, Kamidogu

Should Smoke be a player in the new Mortal Kombat?

97% (539) Yes
2% (13) No

552 voters have answered this question.

What form should Smoke be assigned to in the new timeline, at the stories end?

59% (330) Human - The butterfly effect of Raiden's meddling causes Smoke to escape automation this time around, with or without the younger Sub-Zero.
40% (223) Cyborg - History has a funny way of repeating itself.

553 voters have answered this question.

Should Smoke's trident harpoon special move return?

8% (44) Yes, and very close to Scorpion's harpoon in mechanics.
53% (292) Yes, but noticeably different in mechanics to Scorpion's harpoon. Practically a new move.
38% (214) No

550 voters have answered this question.

What special moves of Smoke's would you like to see return? (Pick as many as you like)

53% (271) Trident Harpoon
61% (309) Smokey Cut (MK3 Cyborg/MKD/MKA)
62% (314) Invisibility
45% (232) Tele-Punch (UMK3 Human Smoke teleport)
55% (281) Stinky Cloud (MKD/MKA)
41% (210) Stinky Fingers (MKA)
43% (222) Play Dead (MKA)
22% (112) Robo Punch (MKA)
50% (257) Air Throw (MK3)
30% (155) Dizzy Knee (MKD/MKA grapple)

505 voters have answered this question.

What alignment should Smoke find himself at the end of the game's story (or programmed to)?

39% (200) Good
45% (235) Neutral
15% (77) Evil

512 voters have answered this question.

Should Smoke use the axe Scorpion and he (human form) used in their UMK3 combos?

30% (156) Yes
69% (357) No

513 voters have answered this question.

Should Smoke have a "smoking" special effect such as he had in earlier MK games?

74% (382) Yes - a must have
22% (117) Yes - but only if its a practical effect to create.
3% (16) No - didn't like it/not needed.

515 voters have answered this question.

How should Smoke's general gameplay be based off?

62% (317) Speed - Very fast and can chain long winded combo chains. Though rather weak in damage in the individual hits
34% (177) Medium - Not super speed/combo chain based or super slow/punishment attack based. In the middle.
2% (13) Heavy - His attacks are slow and clumsy, but the damage they dish out leave the opponent few chances to screw up.

507 voters have answered this question.

What should Smoke's combo system lean towards?

42% (210) Ground Combos - Basic and to the point.
45% (224) Air Combos and PopUps - if the opponent is a few feet off the ground, then Smoke is unloading torment on them.
12% (62) Grapples - Smoke likes to get a hold of the opponent and apply all those nasty moves you see wrestlers and akido masters do that tend to break limbs.

496 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-11-06 06:10:46 by obreck
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