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i am going to start being given spankings

i am a 14 y/o boy and i am moving into my brothers and his wife's house (i might explain if someone asks) but upon moving in with them i was told a whole list of things that i will be expected to do and things i can and cant do and what punishments i will receive if i fail to do what is expected or if i break a rule and something i noticed was that spanking kinda showed up alot (they gave me an actual physical list) so i am creating this poll to see if you either think i should get spanked and for what
since the other polls i looked at to see how i should write this asked this question i guess i should to
what age range
young adult (18-25)
adult (30- 50)
old person (60-129)
Should i be spanked
yes (damn)
No (yay greatest person ever)
if you said yes (damn you) heres the list of what i will be spanked for (check all you think are fair)
Back talking
not doing hw
getting anything lower then a d on my report card ( if i didnt try)
cursing ( im 14 i think i am old enough to do this if i want to)
staying out to late (again i think i should be allowed to make my own decision this one to)
watching porn on my computer (this is more of a virus prevention thing than a religious or moral thing because they don't care about the other kind of porn)
Drinking (i havent done this but i think i should be allowed to make my own choices)
smoking (i have done and dont plan to do it again)
using drugs (havent done this one either)
being rude
not doing chores (which i think im to old to have)
leaving a mess
acting up in school
going to party's that have drugs or alcohol (even if its just my friends using it and not me)
having sex (i plan to do this even with threat of spanking plus i dont know how they will find out)
getting into fights (i dont go to the greatest school so i think i should be excused if i didnt start it)
ive been told my spanking will be 50 slaps and 100 with the paddles is this excessive or am i just a baby
Yes( thank u)
No (ur just a bitch)
No it should be more (-_-)
if i were your child and you clicked yes to spanking for any of the above using the 150 hit system how would i be spanked in your house (if you selected multiple pick the one that you consider the worst offense feel free to add things or take things away if you feel its necessary)
does it need to be with a paddle
Yes (:{)
no (:))
no a different hitting object
ive been told i will get every one in the living room but i disagree with this since the living room has 4 big ass windows so what do you think i should do
You should just take the spanking in the living room( even though i know alot of people in the neighborhood and alot of my friends walk by alot )
You should opt to have the spanking moved to a differnt room (i think the'll listen because they have asked for my input on the entire thing)
another thing i was told is that i will have to strip completely naked and walk into the living room (one of the main reasons i disagree with that room) and i disagree with this because im not as umm for my age i never mind i think you know what i mean so what do you think
Just accept the naked spanking (probably worse than the spanking)
they should listen to you and spank over clothing
Just get a bare bottom (just remove pants and under wear enough to show bare but)
ask for it over underwear
ask for it over full clothing
any questions u think i missed just write them down and answer them your self's
This poll was created on 2010-10-23 22:14:36 by Paganised Ken In