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I am now to be spanked by my parents

alright so i am 14 and recently my parents have decided to spank me for everything basically maybe i'm not sure but what i do know is that they have plans to start spanking me pretty soon but their not sure when or how or whatever else. i kinda find it weird since i am 24 that they think i need a spanking but i guess its only gonna be when i act up so questions will just be what ive heard them talk about

They told me that i might be revieving reminder spankings on Sundays and i really dont like the way that they said they were planning on doining them first when they wake me up i have to walk straight to the corner of the living room and stand there for (and get this) 4 hours and then i will get an hour spanking and then stand in the corner bare for another 4hrs

39% (237) The reminder spankings are a good idea and you should listen to your parents(-_-)
27% (163) they are a good idea but the corner time should be reduced or eliminated
15% (93) the reminder spankings are good but they need to be shorter
17% (104) There is no need for reminder spankings (i love you :})

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Who should be allowed to be in the room during the spanking's

27% (167) Both Parents
23% (139) just the spanker
4% (28) my brothers and sisters
44% (270) anyone who happens to be around

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I have never been spanked before and i was wondering what posistion i should be in

59% (353) Over my dads knee
10% (62) bending over
3% (19) standing
20% (125) bending over a piece of furniture
6% (38) other in case i forgot one

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how much clothing should i be wearing

41% (247) Naked
49% (294) Bare-bottom
6% (38) underwear
3% (20) over jeans or whatever i'm wearing

599 voters have answered this question.

this isnt something they have been talking about but i am technically an only child but i have 4 brothers and 1 sister but they are all my step-mothers children and they are not spanked but they may be allowed to watch my spankings

38% (230) they should not be allowed unless they are spanked too
18% (108) they should not be allowed to watch at all
43% (261) i should just deal with letting them watch

599 voters have answered this question.

for what should i be spanked thier list not mine

75% (471) Getting grade lower than a D
56% (353) staying up to late
74% (466) getting into a fight at school
78% (490) staying out to late
69% (434) not following directions
86% (542) being willfully disobedient
76% (482) doing drugs (i dont do drugs i dont know were that came from)
83% (523) smoking
72% (454) getting a refferal at school
49% (307) not waking up on time
49% (309) masturbating
69% (433) watching porn on a computer
73% (460) cursing
77% (483) not doing home work
52% (329) not doing laundry
19% (123) any other things you think i should be spanked for please list

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how would you if you were my parent spank me for any of the above situations

No graph available for this question

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were should i be spanked at

55% (328) My bed room
60% (358) Living room
16% (97) Bathroom
33% (199) My parents bed room
17% (105) kitchen

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What should my butt look like after their done with it

60% (362) Dark red
1% (9) black
5% (30) Light Pink
19% (114) pink
13% (82) blistering and bleeding

597 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-10-15 04:49:17 by Jfre
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