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The Mummy 1999

Let's see how much you know about The Mummy and what some of your opinions are! E-mail me for correct answers =)
Which character was your favorite?
Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser)
Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz)
Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah)
Imhotep - The Mummy (Arnold Vosloo)
Ank-sunamun (Patricia Valasquez)
Beni Gabor (Kevin J. O'Connor)
Ardeth Bey - leader of Med-jai (Oded Fehr)
Dr. Bey - Curator of Museum (Eric Avari)
Gad Hassan - The Warden (Omid Djalili)
Dr. Chamberlain - The Egyptologist (Jonathan Hyde)
Henderson - American treasure hunter (Stephen Dunham)
Daniels - American treasure hunter (Corey Johnson)
Burns - American treasure hunter (Tuc Watkins)
Winston Havlock - Old war veteran (Bernard Fox)
Pharoah Seti I (Aharon Ipale)
Was the ancient Egyptian spoken in the movie real?
Don't know
Which characters that died in the first, would you like to see back for the 2nd?
Beni Gabor
Gad Hassan (the Warden)
The American Cowboys
The Egyptologist
Winston Havlock
When does The Mummy Returns get released?
March 11, 2001
May 4, 2001
May 11, 2001
March 11, 2099
Who will be the main villian in The Mummy Returns?
Scorpion King
Evil radioactive human-sized scarab named Mervyn
What was the very first line in The Mummy?
Hamunaptra...city of the living...
Thebes...city of the living...
Ank-sunamun: We must hurry, the pharoah will return soon!
Imhotep: Damn girl! You be one fine chick! =)
What quote was your favorite? (Whole quote won't fit for all)
Rick: You're w/ me on this right Beni? Beni: You're strength gives me strength
Dr. Bey: Give me flies, locusts, anything but you...compared to you, the 10 plag
Evie: Do you swear? Rick: Every damn day!
Beni: You've always had more balls than brains...
Rick: He would've given them (camels) to us for free, all we had to do was give
Evie: Keep them Busy! Rick: No problem...
Evie: You're wondering what a place like me is doing in a girl like this..(when
Beni: Think of my children! Rick: You don't have any children. Beni: Some day I
Rick: That's called stealing you know. Evie: According to you and my brother, it
Rick: This just keeps getting better and better...
Beni: Come w/ me my princess, it's time to make you mine, forever. Evie: For al
Evie: Why did u kiss me? Rick: I was about to be hanged, it seemed like a good i
Jonthan: It looks like we go home empty handed...again. Rick: I wouldn't say tha
Evie: No harm ever came from reading a book...
Evie: Coming face to face with a 3,000 yr old walking, talking corpse, does tend
Beni: Your odds aren't so great. Rick: I've had worse. Jonathan: Yah, me too!
Other (please e-mail me what your favorite quote was so I can add it to the poll
Which evil thing or situation was your favorite?
Imhotep cursed to Humdai
10 Plagues of Egypt
Corpses of Imhotep's priests
Corpses of Royal Guards
Imhotep's desert sand storm
Imhotep sucking life out of victims
Riverboat attack by Med-jai
Did you like The Mummy?
Favorite Movie
Never Saw It
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