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Tagline for the dent in my car

Recently, an anonymous driver side swiped my car and left a hugish dent on the passenger side. Being an impecunious entrepreneur (having recently quit my job and moved to California), and not really having any excess moolah lying around to fix it, this should've majorly stressed me out. But it dint! It dint even stress me minorly! I attribute all this to the meditation I do everyday. So I'm doing what every impecunious meditative entrepreneur would do: instead of fixing the dent, I'm going to put a decal sticker around it and attract attention to the meditation program that has helped me out. So help me pick a tagline and thanks for your time!

Which tagline below describes a tagline about a meditation program? The tagline goes above a large dent in my car on the passenger side and will have InnerEngineering.Com below the dent.

0% (0) Don't let life dent your spirit..............InnerEngineering.Com
0% (0) Don't stress the little dings..............InnerEngineering.Com
0% (0) Don't tailgate, meditate.................InnerEngineering.Com
100% (1) Put a dent in your stress...............InnerEngineering.Com

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Or, feel free to suggest a tagline. Thanks! _____InnerEngineering.Com

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1 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-10-08 07:50:43 by CAnemone
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