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Life is meant to be pleasant, yet we, like all the creatures on our planet are plagued by insect types that will happily deny you any happiness, on what appears to be a genetically programmatic scale. See if you can recognise any of these contra life, life types.
Have you personally encountered these problematic insect type in ur daily travels & travails??
BEE IN THE BONNET, apparantly there is nothing just, and there is no justice in the world, yet they seem to live same old same old, ad infinitum.
FLY ON THE WALL (in head), constantly talking to self as if commentating on own life as if in delusive Truman Show mode?
BATS IN THE BELFRY the need for something new, anything as long as it is new & different, usually a gismoid character rather than geekish as they have no understanding of technology.
OLD MOTH OF CUPBOARD (never a closet type) reaction as self importance...always ready to fly out in ur face every time u open ur door or any door, never say they are a 'closet type'
LOVE BUG. We need more love, any type or sort, ASAP the world is imminently going to be swamped by hate, usually they are undersexed for their class of sexual appetite.
FLUTTER FLYS All they wanna do is flit & flirt bye showily make as many hearts flitter flutter, & temporarily upstage any resident flowers. (they usually start out as grubs)
THE GREEN WASPISH HORNETS Not only white anglo protestants, but any wo/man usually stylish or superficially vampish, with a tendency to sting first, and recriminate the victim later, no matter how routine or innocent the interaction. (always a cashier or reception person)
DRAGON FLY Not so much menacing, as perenially 'hovering' & micromanaging peeps sharpening pencils, or picking up something that fell on the floor, as though a mentoring opportunity of 1st priority. Derived from the Latin Mater familias, the family & house matron, suddenly thrust into importance by the duty of the Pater Familias else where in the Empire.
THE LITTLE MOZZIE BATTLER Usually a younger type, that appear silently, apropos of nothing, give a critical sneer, or censorious facial or gestural expression as if drawing some appetising ire from u before u are aware & protest, like a blood sucking insect looking for a blood meal. The adult equivalent is 'dirty looks', to all and sundry.
THE WORM They shore up their personal vested interest or vindicate their little offence on a global scale or, more common still, they overcompensate their insecurity at perceived threats by scapegoating minorities (the weaker the more appealing the target group of victims, operating like jackals or sharks) All under the guise of moral/family values high ground, ironically they are specialised underground underminers, that never rise above the ethical subsoil, yet to great heights institutionally.
BLOWFLY A countrified bucolic blown into urban areas by hot winds of economic/social change, buzzing cities with nothing but abusive regard of everyone and everything, with a one word full personality erasing or nullifying word or phrase. (aka 'rural inurbanity') Woman know them as the pulpit or pub heroes who made women invisible, or far less, for 10,000 years.
ALL OF THE ABOVE You have just described every self important type, whose lack of real productivity is masked by their self importance.
This poll was created on 2010-10-04 22:17:37 by SWIFTY RESOLUTIONS