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Looking around the net I realized a lot of people loves humiliation and embarassement either on the giving or the receiving end so I decided to create this poll to understand better the matter. If this is something you don't like go to the results and don't fake votes please. ATTENTION!!! THIS POLL IS JUST FOR TEENS! NOT ADULTS WITH THEIR FANTASIES HERE, PLEASE!! BTW I'm 13, girl, and I love both the sides of them and I don't remember when all this "love" ever started. Just one thing: be honest in your votes. Thanks to everybody who will partecipate. If you want to share fantasies etc. with me mail me at sister@amplimail.com (please, adults, I'm not looking for your mails so stay off!)
First of all I'd like to know you better so what are you?
Your Age
Preteen (less then 12) (please, write here how old are you kid)
over 18 (I said just teens! don't go further!)
Now for the core of the matter. Which side of humiliaton/embarassement do you prefer?
to be humiliated/embarrassed
to humiliate/embarass some one else
Both sides for me
How much do you'd like to be humiliated/embarrassed or to humiliate/embarasse?
With all my soul
Just a little bit
Do you day dream about the matter and how often is it in your thoughts?
Yes - every moment every where
Yes - while in school during boring classes
Yes - when I'm by my own
No - I usually not day dream about that (just curious)
Do you have fantasies about that?
Yes - a lot and they are pretty weird too
Yes - from time to time
No - I have no fantasies on that till now
Which could be your favorit setup for your fantasies? (choose all you want)
inside - my home
inside - relatives home
inside - family friends home
inside - my friends home (same sex)
inside - my friends home (opposite sex)
inside - my friends home (mixed)
inside - at school
inside - at the mall
outside - back yard
outside - front yard
outside - street
outside - school ground
outside - public pool
outside - public park's playground
Which kind of humiliation / embarrassment you'd like to receive / give?
If physical :
Everyone of the above
Other (please, explain)
If psychological
Verbally abused
laughed to
Considered like an object (or less)
All of the above
Other (please explain)
Who (or by who) you want to (or to be by) humiliate / embarrassed? (you may choose more than one reply)
Just my parents
Just my siblings
Just my family
My family and relatives
My family, relatives and family's friends
My friends (same sex)
My friends (opposite sex)
My friends (mixed)
All my neighborhood
My school mates (same sex)
My school mates (opposite sex)
My school mates (mixed)
Every one of the above
Every one all over the world
For who fantasied about to be humiliated: Do you'd like them to be
Younger than you
Same age as you
Older than you
For who fantasied about to humiliate some one. Your "victim" has to be
Younger than you
Same age as you
Older than you
Do you become sexually excited when you play in your mind this kind of fantasies?
Yes - I play with myself every day thinking about that
Yes - It's a good way to turn me on (but not the only one)
Yes - Some times happened
No - It's just a fantasy like others and not so a turn on for me
If this is a turn on for you when you play with yourself thinking at that your orgasms are
Stronger than usual
Same as usual
Lower than usual
I'm too humiliated to be able to orgasm at all (LOL)
Do you ever think or try to get it in some way in real life?
No - I never dare to do it in real life
Sometimes but I'm too scared to do it (chicken out before)
Yes - and I did it (write here your experience)
Do you ever think about the possibility of cyber humiliation? (to humiliate or to be humiliated via net by mail, chat and so on)
Yes - I did it (should be nice to know your experiences in that)
Yes - but not yet try it
Maybe - I'll give a thought about it
No - this is also too much for me to handle
Did you mind to post your mail address (it will never showed or posted anywhere. Swear! Cross my heart and hope to die!) as to be contacted by me?
write it here
Would you like to post here your favorite fantasy about humiliation/embarassment?
Have you like my poll?
Absolutely yes
Not so bad
Could be better
I didn't like it at all (why on the earth you vote it then?)
This poll was created on 2010-09-21 15:34:53 by Angelika