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Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House

My son's friends come over to our house a lot. I have never seen one of them take their socks off at the door, but I usually see that they take their socks off some time during their visit. I would say about half the kids that come end up taking their socks off by the time they leave.
What is your gender?
I am years old.
How often do you take your shoes off at the door of a friends house? Why?
How often do you take your socks off at the door of a friends house? Why?
Would the footwear that your friend had on influence your decision to take your socks off?
If you don't take your socks off at the door of a friends house, do you take them off at any point during your stay? Why?
If your friend changed his footwear during your stay, would you change yours to match his?
You show up at a friends house, and there are 5 of your friends there. 2 are barefoot, including the person who's house you are at and the rest have socks on. You walk in the door and see 4 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of socks. What would you do?
If you ever took your socks off at the door of a friends house, what do they think of it?
If you sleep over, when do you take your socks off? When do you put them back on?
If your friend wanted to do something that required you to take off your socks, what would you do? Would you participate?
Say your friend owns a trampoline. Would you take your socks off to go on it?
If you were no planning to take your socks off, but yor friend took his socks off before he got on his trampoline, would you do the same?
What if he took his socks off while you were on it. Would you take yours off too?
If you decided to go barefoot on the trampoline, would you stay in your a bare feet when you were finished? For how long?
This poll was created on 2010-09-16 23:24:46 by disceased.owl