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Official Pokemon "What If"

An official "what if" exclusively for pokemon!

Do you like pokemon?

68% (49) Yes, I like pokemon
2% (2) No, I hate pokemon
19% (14) Its okay, just prefer the games though
9% (7) I don't love it, but don't hate it either

72 voters have answered this question.

What if pokemon were real?

51% (36) I would be super happy and start training right away
34% (24) I would be happy and start my quest towards being a master
4% (3) I would not want to get involved with them
10% (7) I would not care

70 voters have answered this question.

Which pokemon would you choose as a starter?

6% (5) Bulbasaur, a strong manageable grass-type
27% (20) Charmander, a very strong fire-type
6% (5) Squirtle, a cool water-type
5% (4) Chikorita, a very loyal grass-type
6% (5) Cyndaquil, a good fire-type
4% (3) Totodile, a very strong water-type
4% (3) Treecko, a determined grass-type
18% (13) Torchic, a blazing fire-type
6% (5) Mudkip, a great water-type
1% (1) Turtwig, a really strong grass-type
5% (4) Chimchar, a cool fire-type
5% (4) Piplup, a cute water-type

72 voters have answered this question.

What kind of trainer would you be?

5% (4) Keep them as pets, and not let them battle
84% (61) Make them great companions and let them battle when necessary
6% (5) Use them for battling only
2% (2) A collector

72 voters have answered this question.

How would you present yourself to other trainers?

20% (15) "I am totally going to whip your ass"
27% (20) "Good luck, you're going to need it"
40% (29) "May the best man win"
5% (4) "I'm doomed"
5% (4) "Prepare for trouble!"

72 voters have answered this question.

Finally, how would pokemon affect the world?

47% (34) It would make the world a better place
25% (18) It would create serious problems, considering giant, dangerous pokemon would be wandering around
1% (1) They would annihalate everyone and everything
13% (10) Basically, armageddon
12% (9) The world wouldn't really change

72 voters have answered this question.

Could pokemon really come to life?

20% (15) Definitely! Nothing is impossible.
30% (22) Chances are, probably not.
16% (12) Heck no! That's just impossible!
31% (23) We'll have to see what the future holds for us, I guess.

72 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-09-16 16:45:05 by lookwolf
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