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The Perfect Tea

Title says it all.. but the poll is mainly for tea lovers =D
First of all, do you like tea? =O
Of course i do.
A bit yes.
Not as much as you think..
I hate it!
No comment.
How old are you? o.O
Under 10 years.
14 - 16.
16 to 18 years old.
18 to 25 years dude!
25 to 30 years old!
30 to 40.
40 till 50.
50 to 60 years.
60 +
Did you know that tea is very healthy, and that it can reduce the cause of heart related problems?
Who cares?
No way!
Omg, really?
Of course i knew.
Who makes your tea?
Anyone.. i don't really mind at all.
I make it myself.
No one!
My butler or my chef.
Anyone from my family.
My pet =P
When do you usually have tea?
During breakfast.. in the morning.
Anytime during the afternoon.
Before i go to bed.
Whenever i feel like it.
What kind of water do you use =P
Tap water.
The purest water known to man!
Is this a trick question?
Boiling water.. duh!
I'm supposed to use water?
I dunno.
Salt water.
Before boiling the water, how much water do you like to fill the kettle with?
Almost halfway.
About a quarter of the kettle.
I don't fill it at all.
Just enough for a cup of tea.
I fill it to the brim =]
I don't really care.
After the water boils..
I never pour =O
I pour it immedietely!
I wait for the water to settle in the kettle before i pour =P
I wait a while before pouring..
How do you pour the water?
I pour it all out as fast as i can!
I pour it very slowly..
I like to mix about because both are really good for the tea =D
What kind of teabag do you use?
English breakfast.
Lemon tea.
I don't use teabags, i use tea leafs =]
Normal teabag..
How long do you leave the teabag to settle?
Less than 1 minute!
Around 1 to 2 minutes..
3 minutes exactly!!
4, maybe 5 minutes.
More than 5 minutes!
I don't use teabags -__-
How much sugar do you add?
1 to 2 teaspoons.
More than 6!
Depends on my mood..
3 teaspoons of sugar.
Half a teaspoon.
I'm a sugar addict!
4 to 6 teaspoons of sugar =O
I forgot.. sorry.
How much milk do you add?
No milk for me =(
Only a little, barely noticable.
I like to add a little bit. Sometimes less, sometimes more.
I like my tea to look reeeaaal milky!
Are you kidding me? Tea is nothing without loads of milk!
Meh, doesn't bother me at all.
How much time do you leave until you drink the tea?
I drink it as soon as it's done.
I leave a couple of minutes before i drink it.
I like to leave it to cool down for a while before i drink it.
I like it cold xD
Overall, how long does it take to make your tea?
3 minutes max.
Erm, i'm not entirely sure..
About 5 minutes.
5 to 10 minutes.
It takes me 15 minutes!
10 to 15 minutes.
Do you think this poll helped you in any way?
Yeah sure..
No comment.
Nope, not at all.
I have a new respect for tea!
I guess so...
Rate this poll =D
10+ ( It changed my life.. seriously. )
6 ( Pretty good actually )
7 ( I liked it )
9 ( I loved it so much!! )
8 ( It was amazing! )
4 ( Not that bad )
1 ( It sucked so bad )
2 ( You call this a poll? )
10 ( This poll is the reason i did not commit suicide! )
5 ( It was ok )
3 ( Waste of time )
This poll was created on 2010-09-06 15:22:54 by DarkFlamio