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Girls Who Dominate Guys

This poll is specifically directed at girls. The intent is to find out if you have any dominant tendencies, latent or realized, and what your experience has been
Have you ever acted in a dominant way toward a guy? Check all that apply
Yes, I manipulated him in a mild manner, exercising my control over him
Yes, I got a little sadistic, torturing him in a playful manner
Yes, I inflicted real physical pain, and I enjoyed it
No, I have never dominated a guy in any way
Do you believe it's possible for a petite, pretty girl to actually beat up or overpower a bigger, physically stronger man?
Yes, she could take him easily. At least, I know that I can, no problem
Maybe, it depends on how strong and how skilled of a fighter she is, and/or how wimpy he is
No, males are the stronger sex and to be beaten up by a girl would be an anomaly
Have you ever wrestled with a guy and won?
Yes, I wiped the mat with him, totally dominating him
Yes, but it was a close match
Yes, but he let me win. I think he enjoyed it
No, the guy was just too strong for me
No, I have never wrestled a guy
Have you ever arm wrestled a guy and won?
Yes, and it was effortless
Yes, but I barely managed to pin him down
Yes, but I think he let me win
I tried, but he was just too strong for me
No, I never arm wrestled a guy
Describe an incident in which you dominated a guy. It could be as simple as torturing him with pinches, or controlling him verbally like a puppet on a string. Or it could be as severe as getting him in a schoolgirl pin and teaching him a brutal lesson
Have you ever publicly or privately humiliated a guy before? This includes verbal scolding and degradation, making him obey your every whim, smearing food on his face, spitting in his face, slapping him in public, making him smell your stinky feet, rubbing your bare feet on his face, and so on. Please describe in detail
Many dominant women have willing males for "slaves". Could you ever see yourself enslaving a man, and if so what would you make him do for you?
If a man let you, would you stick your feet in his face to humiliate him?
Yes, and I would gleefully prolong his humiliation. The stinkier my feet, the better
I might try it, but I don't know if I would enjoy humiliating a man in this way
No, that's just too weird for me
To what extent do "girls rule"? In any situation, who should be in charge, a guy or a girl?
I firmly believe in female supremacy. Males should be subservient, obeying me in everything
I could see getting a little kinky sometimes and playing a dominant role in a consensual relationship
I'm a little curious about female dominance, but that's all. I might explore a little bit
I like to get my way, but I'm not a tyrant
Males and females should be an equal partnership at all times
Call me old fashioned, but the man should be the head of the household
How dominant are you on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not at all and 10 being a total bitch
This poll was created on 2010-09-04 03:11:59 by Looking Up