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Hermione takes on Cho

Hermione, under Harry's invisibility cloak, has sneaked off to the library to do some extra research. when she gets there she finds the library deserted, and she didn't have to worry about being loud as she knew filch was asleep in his office with his cat. As she searches the library she suddenly sees Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley. But, Ginny is unconscious and Cho lets go of the girl. Hermione sees her friend, battered and beaten. She knows what must be done but right as she pulls out her wand Cho yells "expelliarmus." Cho then says that if Hermione wishes to fight, she will gladly wrestle with her...

How does Hermione react?

39% (156) Hermione is quite intimidated by Cho, knowing that Cho might not only be more athletic (as she plays Quidditch) but possibly smarter (as she is in Ravenclaw)
60% (235) Hermione is anxious to start the fight, thinking of nothing other than avenging Ginny

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But, Cho knows something Hermione doesn't. What is it?

23% (90) Cho has been working out every night, getting her body in top physical condition
46% (183) Cho has been wrestling all her life, and has beaten girls much more athletic than Hermione
30% (118) Cho has taken felix felicis, virtually assuring her victory against any opponent

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What are the girls wearing?

81% (319) School uniforms
18% (72) "Muggle clothing"

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The girls start the match (after moving Ginny's badly beaten body, oddly enough Cho has no marks or scratches on her body)...

54% (214) Cho gets things going with taking Hermione down immediately
45% (177) Hermione locks up with Cho, and eventually gets on top of her

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What happens next?

54% (213) Cho starts slapping and punching Hermione, and is quickly starting to win the fight
45% (178) Hermione, thinking of nothing but avenging poor Ginny, viciously beats Cho's body

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Eventually the girls start to lose their clothing, who loses it first?

50% (198) Hermione, Cho strips her down to her bra and panty
49% (193) Cho, she's lost all clothing except for her underwear

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The other girl finds herself stripped quickly after and real fighting resumes with...

49% (195) Cho putting Hermione in a vicious, but effective, headscissors making the younger Gryffindor cry
50% (196) Hermione puts Cho in a bearhug and makes the pretty girl moan in pain

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The fight is coming to a close, who wins?

49% (195) Cho Chang emerges the victor. She ends Hermione by spanking her, squeezing her breasts, and pulling out her hair all make her cry. Cho then decides to knock out Hermione with a breast smother
50% (196) Hermione wins the fight, Cho was simply too tired to fight anymore. Hermione has outlasted Cho, but Hermione doesn't let Cho go easily. She finds some satisfaction in beating Cho's body and breasts until she is sobbing

391 voters have answered this question.

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