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Hot Celebs in catfights

these hotties take each other on looking for victory against their equally pretty competitors

Jenna Fischer vs Kim Kardashian

31% (467) Kim is much much stronger and facesits Jenna
16% (237) Kim's youth plays to her advantage as she barely edges out Jenna for the win
24% (366) Jenna completely dominates Kim, knocking her out with a breastsmother
27% (402) Jenna's experience helps her win in a close match against Kim

1472 voters have answered this question.

Amanda Bynes vs Brooke Hogan

33% (490) Brooke crushes the skinnier girl between her thighs with little effort
24% (354) Brooke towers over Amanda, as she submits after a hard fought battle
21% (318) Amanda, though shorter and lighter, dominates the fight from the start
21% (310) Amanda, amazingly beats the larger Hogan girl, though both women take a huge beating

1472 voters have answered this question.

Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez

28% (426) Selena makes the pop star cry as she bounces up and down on Miley's breasts
19% (291) Selena barely edges out the slightly bigger Miley
30% (446) Miley crushes Selena with no remorse, even knocking her out w/ her breasts
20% (309) Miley stands tall, but injured, after a tough win

1472 voters have answered this question.

Victoria Justice vs Emma Watson

42% (627) Victoria stood no chance, Emma really hurts Victoria, even making her cry before she's brutally knocked out
13% (192) Emma is slightly more athletic and Victoria loses a very close match
23% (341) Victoria crushes a surprised Emma, making Emma cry and beg for mercy under her breasts
21% (312) Victoria ends an extremely close match but beats Emma with one last headlock

1472 voters have answered this question.

Which girl in this poll is the toughest?

2% (34) Jenna
2% (35) Kim
35% (519) Amanda
14% (217) Brooke
2% (38) Miley
1% (16) Selena
2% (39) Victoria
38% (574) Emma

1472 voters have answered this question.

Women: which girl(s) do you think you could beat

76% (1080) Jenna
72% (1020) Kim
46% (652) Amanda
65% (922) Brooke
79% (1125) Miley
86% (1231) Selena
46% (652) Victoria
40% (578) Emma

1416 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-08-23 21:28:24 by hgfan
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