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Hermione Granger wrestling a Slytherin

For those who read the 2nd Harry Potter book you may remember that Hermione was involved in a wrestling match against a much bigger Slytherin girl named Millicent Bulstrode where Millicent put the smaller Hermione in a headlock while they were supposed to be dueling. Hermione, now 17 years old, is looking for revenge against the still much larger Millicent. The two agree on a meeting place, the room of requirement, and agree to wrestle each other. They both enter the room, and Hermione is regretting agreeing to this match as Millicent is much bigger and will probably crush her...
Both girls have their uniforms on, who strikes first?
Millicent, as she raises her large arm and punches Hermione square in the chest
Hermione, as she slaps Millicent across the face and seems to do no damage
The girl recovers from the attack, what happens next?
Millicent grabs Hermione by the hair and starts throwing her around like a rag-doll
Hermione runs straight at Millicent, surprisingly Hermione is able to knock Millicent over
The girls are on the ground, who gets the upper hand?
Millicent, she uses her brute strength to keep Hermione pinned down and put her in a number of painful holds
Hermione, she gets behind Millicent and starts choking her
Who's more tired at this point?
Hermione, as she's gasping for air due to having to keep up w/ the brute strength of Millicent
Millicent, as she did not count on the fact that Hermione would be as agile as she is
The girls are now squared up to each other, what happens next?
Millicent tackles the much smaller Hermione and strips her into her bra and panties
Hermione gets on top of Millicent and starts choking her w/ her own tie
One of the girls is crying, who is it?
Hermione, because of pain
Hermione because of humiliation
Millicent because of pain
Millicent because of humiliation
The match is coming to an end, so who finishes who?
Millicent, as she grabs Hermione by the breasts and doesn't let go until Granger is in complete tears and submits
Millicent, as she puts Hermione's face into her cleavage until the smaller girl is knocked out
Hermione, she puts Millicent in a headscissors and knocks the large girl out
Hermione, as she pins Millicent and doesn't let go until the slytherin girl submits
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