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Views on homosexuality

What are your views on homosexuality and on whether society should accept or reject it?
Do you believe that homosexuality is morally wrong?
Yes - but only male homosexuality
Yes - but only female homosexuality
Do you believe that homosexuality is a choice?
Yes, I believe people make a conscious decision to be homosexual
No, I believe that homosexuality is determined either prior to birth or in very early childhood.
Assume there was a 100% accurate test to determine whether a fetus would turn out to be homosexual later in life. What would you do ?
I would terminate the pregnancy
I would not terminate the pregnancy on moral grounds but would put the child up for adoption after birth
I would raise the child but actively raise my child in such a manner as to make sure it never acts upon his/her sexual feelings.
I would be happy for my child/ I would not care.
Given the fact that a significant percentage of the population would opt not to have children that will turn out to be homosexual, should the government outlaw such a test?
Yes - it is only bound to cause harm to children
Yes - Homosexual people are a legitimate part of a multi-faceted society
No - such a test should be legal
Regardless of the fact that homosexuality may be innate, should homosexual activity be illegal?
Yes - I personally am not homosexual and do no want anyone engaging in any activity I do not feel comfortable with
Yes - I believe everyone should strive to have heterosexual relationships, regardless of their personal inclinations. Allowing homosexual activity only impedes such a development.
No - I cannot find any reason why homosexuality should be illegal and believe that anything not proven to be detrimental should be legal
No - I believe that the existence of homosexuality is beneficial for society
If you believe that homosexuality should be illegal, what should the punishment be?
Limited jail time (1-5 years)
Lengthy Jail sentence (5-30 years)
Life in prison
Death sentence
I do not think homosexuality should be illegal
Regardless of you opinions on the subject of homosexuality, do you feel that you would be able to rationally explain the reasons for your opinion?
I feel that my opinions on the matter are based solely on logical/reasonable arguments
My reasons are primarily of a religious nature and I feel that these are perfectly valid
My reasons are primarily intuitive / gut feeling but I believe that such feelings are usually a good indication of what is right and wrong
I do not think I could rationally explain the reasons for my opinions on the subject matter
I live in
Europe / Australia / Oceania
North America
Latin America
Sub-Saharan Africa
Middle East / Northern Africa
I am
10-20 years old
21-35 years old
36-50 years old
51-70 years old
more than 70 years old
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