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Tough moral decision

What would you do? Assume you are on holiday in the remote country of Farwaystan. Farwaystan is a country with very strict rules against the drinking of tea. You are having lunch at a local restaurant when a complete stranger suddenly offers you tea. Even though you immediately refuse you are spotted by the secret police and both arrested. Later your (completely trustworthy) attorney explains that you have you have several options:
The stranger that offered you tea has been arrested for tea drinking in the past and if found guilty will be executed for this crime. Farwaystan law does not contain the right to remain silent. What do you do?
Be truthful, i.e. explain that you did not ask for the tea. The stranger will be executed but you feel that that is not your problem. After all, he should have known better.
Lie and tell police that you requested tea from the stranger. This will lead to both of you being sent to jail but neither will be executed.
Assuming that you opted to save the stranger's life in the question above: Your attorney tells you that the minimum sentence you will receive is 5 years. Do you still stand by your decision?
Same question as above, but the minimum sentence is 20 years hard labor in a coal mine. The survival rate in labor camp is only 50%.
Yes, I still save the stranger
No, I do not
Again, same question as above, but in this case you will be sentenced to death. There is a 50/50 chance that you may be pardoned as a foreigner and deported immediately after the trial, but this is not certain.
Yes, I stand by my decision
No, the risk is too great
This poll was created on 2010-08-04 18:31:35 by poller2