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Girls and ladies shoeplay (Females only please)

Why do you enjoy playing with your shoes
It is just a habit, no other reason
It is a habit but I enjoy doing it
It is a personal need
Just because my partner likes me too
To attract attention to me
I just have to !!!
How nice are your feet in your opinion with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest
1 - 2
3 -4
5 - 6
7 - 8
9 - 10
Are you shy about playing with your shoes
No way, they come off everywhere I can play with them
No, they are played with in most instances
I only become concious if I can no longer find one of my shoes
I play with them everywhere but often notice if people watch me
I want to play with them but try and keep them semi hidden
I love playing with them but often slip them back on when somebody looks
I try and hide what I am doing
Would you openly shoeplay in front of the people below. Please tick the ones you WOULD .
Anybody - anywhere
Brothers / Sisters
Boss (male)
Boss (female)
Teacher / lecturer (male)
Teacher / Lecturer (female)
Complete strangers
Do you think your shoeplay has helped you secure a position or something you wanted from somebody other than your partner
Oh yes
Several times
Maybe, I am not sure
Not yet
Your boss / lecturer often watches you when shoeplaying. Do you...
Just carry on in your favorite way
Do things you know they like whilst they are watching then go back your normal style
Exagerate your shoeplay slightly, showing off your foot a bit more
Be less obvious but carry on
put your shoes most of the way back on
Stop straight away
Your chance to add anything appropriate
This poll was created on 2010-08-03 19:36:49 by stocktaker