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(GIRLS) You vs Morgan Webb

You're at the beach and just jogging out of the water after a good swim, looking super sexy in your new bikini. A hot guy notices and comes over to chat you up. You're getting quite friendly with him, but after some time Morgan Webb runs up to the two of you, very pissed off, saying ""Hey, slut! What do you think you're doing chatting up my man?" How do you react?
You're shocked. You had no idea this was Morgan Webb's man. You apologise sheepishly.
You had no idea he was with Morgan, but you stand your ground and give her a good two-handed shove in the chest to put your point across.
You knew what you were doing. You make no apologies and slap Morgan hard, knocking her backwards.
You knew they were here together, you just didn't care. You yank on Morgan's hair and punch her in the face, knocking her to the ground. The guy is obviously turned on. You grab at the growing bulge in his speedos and say "I think you should come home with me", and kiss him sensuously in front of her.
Morgan is angry. She...
Lunges at you, grabbing your hair with both hands and yanking hard, ripping out several strands.
Slaps you hard, right then left. She gets right in your face and says "looks like I'm going to have to destroy you right here in front of him."
Punches you in the boob, making you yelp, and says "don't make me do that again."
Attacks you with a knee to the stomach, doubling you over. She sends another knee to your face, making your nose bleed a little and your head spin.
Now you're both upset. Who makes the next move?
You spear tackle Morgan, knocking the wind out of her and landing on top of her as you crash into the sand.
You fight dirty, kneeing Morgan between the legs and then tossing her to the ground by her hair.
Morgan spear tackles you, knocking the wind out of you and landing on top of you as you crash itno the sand.
Morgan fights dirty, kneeing you between the legs and then tossing you to the ground by your hair.
You now roll around in the sand, trying to pin the other down. Who succeeds?
You grab Morgan's hair with one hand and punch her in the face again and again with the other.
You rip down Morgan's bikini top. You grin evilly as one of Morgan's breasts falls out and you start slapping it hard. As Morgan tries to cover up, you wrestle onto her and pin her down, continuing to slap her breast about.
You knee Morgan in the crotch and wrestle onto her. You lay forcefully on her and grind your breasts into Morgan's.
Morgan tugs at your hair with one hand and punches you in the face again and again with the other.
Morgan rips down your bikini top. She grins evilly as one of your breasts falls out and she starts slapping it hard. As you try to cover up, Morgan wrestles onto you and pins you down, continuing to slap your breast about.
Morgan knees you in the crotch and wrestles onto you. She lays forcefully on you and grinds her breasts into yours.
Who makes the other submit?
Now on top, you bounce up and down on Morgan's stomach, knocking the breath out of her, while continuously slapping her in the face. In tears, Morgan gives up.
You rip off Morgan's bikini top and rain punches into her breasts, knocking them about painfully. You backhand Morgan so hard a little blood flies from her lip. You then crush her boobs in your hands, while verbally taunting her about how much better your boobs are than hers until she passes out from the pain.
Now on top, Morgan bounces up and down on your stomach, knocking the breath out of you, while continuously slapping you in the face. In tears, you give up.
Morgan rips off your bikini top and rains punches into your breasts, knocking them about painfully. She backhands you so hard a little blood flies from your lip. Morgan then crushes your boobs in her hands, while verbally taunting you about how much better her breasts are than yours until you pass out from the pain.
So, who's going home with the hot guy?
Seeing you beat Morgan senseless has really turned him on, and he picks you up off her and makes out with you. You'll be going home with him.
He feels sorry for your hot, battered body and pulls the victorious Morgan off you. He picks you up in his arms and carries you away, probably to play doctor.
Seeing Morgan beat you senseless has turned him on and he grabs his girl and kisses her strongly while you lay wimpering in the sand.
He can't stand seeing Morgan being hurt and he pulls you off her before you can inflict any more damage. He scoops her up and carries her away to tend to the battered cutie.
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