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Wrestling In Gym / P.E Class -- North American High School Boys

Two questions: - FOR BOYS taking HS GYM CLASS aka PE. I'm in grade 10 and in gym class next week we are starting wrestling. - First off its going to be done barefoot - we've been told. We are not allowed to wear socks in the wrestling room and none of us has wrestling shoes so its BARE FEET on the mat. PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES FOR Question #2 in DETAIL!!
1) For those of you out there who are still in High school gym class and have had wrestling in grade 8 - 12; were you allowed socks or bare feet and why? Going barefoot seems kinda gross for gym class considering we always wear shoes!!!
2) I've seen other grades wrestle and its not like your typical olympic type wrestling. The teacher teaches but all those boys tend to do UFC/MMA type grappling triangles or what not with all that grappling and rolling on the mat. Honsetly, should I be worried? I've never grappled, did triangles or rollling. Is it fun? All we;'ve done in gym class is basketball; soccer etc; but being barefoot for one, and doing this physical stuff on each other - is it fun, is bare feet ok? Should I be worried? This is for P.E CLASS its NOT FOR THE TEAM.
3) Lastly, if you could provide what grade you're in - it would be great!!!
This poll was created on 2010-07-10 21:38:40 by Wrestling