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How to treat retards

How do you think retards should be treated?
Who do you consider to be retarded?
People who are mentally disabled (obviously!)
People who are physically disabled
People who have behaviour problems (troublemakers, defiant, hyper etc.)
People who want to be treated like retards
What age should retards be treated as?
Treat them like whatever age they are
Treat them like whatever age is appropriate to their physical ability
Treat them like whatever age is appropriate to their mental ability
Treat all retards as a certain age
Where should retards live?
In large institutions with lots of their peers
In small group homes with a few of their peers
At home with families
Should retards be educated?
No, not at all
Yes, at home
Yes, at special schools
Yes, in special classes at normal schools
Yes, in normal classes
Should retards be toilet trained?
No, they should be kept in diapers
No, they should just go in their pants
Yes, if they can be
Yes, always, and punished if they fail
Do retards deserve dignity?
No, expose their diapers, underwear or nudity freely
Yes, but only in public
Yes, all the time
What should retards wear?
What level of misbehaviour should retards be punished for?
Odd but harmless behaviours
Annoying behaviours (making small noises during class, eating messily, etc.)
Disruptive behaviour (talking to or distracting others during class, upsetting others, etc.)
Defiant behaviour (talking back, swearing, deliberately breaking rules)
Violent behaviour
What kind of punishments should retards receive?
Calm scolding or lecturing
Loud, angry scolding or lecturing
Being tied up or otherwise bound
Being shamed or humiliated
Loss of privileges
Dirty punishment
Corporal punishment
Social isolation
Describe some punishments
What about sexuality?
Punish all sexual behaviour, including private masturbation
Punish inappropriate public behaviour
Let them do what they want
Encourage and reward it in private
Encourage and reward it everywhere, even in public
Force it in private
Force it everywhere
What about hygiene?
Discourage it, since they don't need it
Let them do what they want
Encourage it
Overall, how regimented should a retard's life be?
Let them do what they want all the time
Have set times for waking up, meals, and bed time but nothing else
Have a few scheduled classes or activities each day
Control most of their day, but allow a little bit of free time
Control every minute of their day, with no free time
What should their day be like?
Have you ever taken care of a retard?
No, and I don't want to
No, but I want to
Yes, full time as a family member or similar
Yes, as a job
Yes, as a short random encounter
If you answered 'Yes' above, did you...
Really enjoy it
Sort of enjoy it
Didn't care
Disliked it
Hated it
Feel free to add any other thoughts here
This poll was created on 2010-06-25 20:25:06 by DB23