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indoor school shoe policy

There was a school which has just recently adopted a policy that banned outdoor shoes from being worn inside the building. This policy was a source of controversy. What are your feelings about polices that require outdoor shoes to be reomved.
Do you feel that a school has a right to insist on a no outdoor shoes policy for inside the building?
Private School Yes, Public School No
What should be the rule for indoor footwear?
indoor shoes
indoor shoes or slippers
indoor shoes/slippers, etc. or stocking feet. studens have a choice
stocking feet only
If you object to this policy of removing outdoor footwear why?
matter of principle
I do not want to pay for/can't afford a seperate pair of indoor shoes
safety concerns/fire
hygene concerns
I don't like being without shoes
If you went to school where outdoor shoes were removed would you purchase a pair of indoor shoes?
Yes, I would get indoor shoes to wear inside.
No, I would just spend my school days in socks.
If you chose stocking feet instead of indoor shoes why?
I can not afford a seperate pair of shoes
I do not want to pay for an extra pair of shoes
It does not matter to me whether I have shoes on or not.
I would just rather not be wearing shoes
If you choose to purchase indoor shoes why?
safety concerns
hygene concerns
I prefer to have shoes on
What should be the shoe policy for teachers and staff?
can leave outdoor shoes on
must wear indoor shoes
teachers have the same thing on their feet as do the students
should visitors be required to remove outdoor shoes when entering the building?
This poll was created on 2010-06-25 19:11:05 by jaymeister