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Me vs. my boyfriend

My boy friend and I are both in college and we basically live together I either stay at his place or he at mine. we were talking and he doesn't think I dress sexy enough. Now I used to be very shy but would consider myself modest now. He on the other hand is overly shy he has a great body great smile he is wonderful to me but I think he could also let loose a little. So we sat down and decided to put it to a vote. We decided on scenarios that each of us have a complaint about and came up with what possible changes we would like to see. The choices that start with m are mine and the ones that start with H are his. Please answer honestly. Thanks for helping
We went out for a fancy dinner and night out. I wore a white satin blouse with a tight black skirt that was about 3 inches above my knee and 3 inch heels. He thinks it looked like office wear. What do you think I should wear?
M- The same outfit
M- The same outfit but hem the skirt another 2 inches
H- A strapless black dress mid thigh with nylons and higher heels
H- A sleeveless mini dress bare legs and higher heels
The same fancy night out he wore a suit and tie. Not much you can do with men but I think a tux would be sexy at times what do you think?
M- A tux
H- The suit is fine
About two weeks ago we were at a barbecue. I noticed that my boyfriend was the only guy wearing a shirt I ask him to take his off but he wouldn't. He never takes his shirt off outside. At the next barbecue he should?
M- Go shirtless
M- At least wear a tank top
H- Wear the sport shirt
H- Wear a t-shirt
At the same barbecue I was wearing a tank top, knee legth shorts and shoes without socks. He said that I was over dressed also. You decide.
M- Tank top with mid thigh shorts and shoes
M- The same as I wore
H- A tank top short shorts and sandals
H- A tank top without the bra short shorts and sandals
He only wears these baggy boxers that come down almost to his knees when I see him in his underwear they are so blah I think he could wear them outside and no one would know the difference. I want him to change. What do you think?
M- Bikini briefs
M- Low rise string bikini
H- Boxers
H- Alittle bit shorter boxers
He thinks I should not wear a bra all the time that sometimes when we go out I should go without one. What do you think?
M- Go braless once a month
M- Go braless once every other week
H- Go braless at least half the time
H- Go braless at least every weekend
Simple he wants me to wear a thong. I don't even own one. How do we compromise? I wear bikini panties.
M- Wear what I have
M- Get some string bikini panties
H- Wear a thong
H- Keep what I have but go out with no panties a few times a week
Neither of us likes what the other wears to bed. I wear a short T- shirt and panties. Ok girls don't laugh but he wears pajamas with a t-shirt and his underwear. I f we start messing around I get his pajama top off but he won't take off his shirt he will only leave me pull it up. He will take off his pajama bottoms but his underwear he will only pull down to his knees. Afterwards he get dressed again. But he thinks I am over dressed for a woman. What do you think?
M- Wear what I have been wearing
M- Wear the T- shirt without panties
H- Wear only some skimpy shorts
What about his bedroom attire. This needs a lot of improvement. What do you think?
M- No shirt and pajama bottoms without underwear
M- No shirt with boxers
M- No shirt with bikini briefs
H- What I have been wearing
H- T- shirt with pajama bottoms
H- T-shirt and boxers
Neither of us like to wear sandals but he thinks woman should and they are not for men. What do you think?
M- I wear sandals, He wears sandals
H- I wear sandals
H- I wear flip flops
H- He wears deck shoes with out socks if I wear sandals
When we go to the beach I wear a one piece high cut swimsuit. He wears these trunks that come down past his knees. I think he should wear something shorter. He thinks I should wear a bikini. So who wins this one?
M- I wear a tankini and he wears trunks above his knees
M- I wear what I have
M- He wear trunks mid thigh
M- He wears a speedo if I wear a bikini
H- He wears what he has
H- I wear a bikini
H- I wear a string bikini
H- He wears trunks at the top of knee
One Final question. He always locks the bathroom door when he showers. I said it was stupid. Why is he hiding I have seen him naked. When I'm in the shower and I call him for something he won't come in while i'm in the shower. Sometimes I have ask him to take a shower with me and it goes right over his head he said two people in the shower you can't get clean. Stop laughing girls. What to do? Please feel free to leave comments on the message area as I'm young and maybe all guys are like this.
M- Insist he leaves bathroom door open when he showers
M- Break the lock and walk in on him in the shower
M- Take a shower with me at least once a week
H- Leave things as they are
Leave the door unlocked but closed
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