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Be Prepared

Are you Ready and Willing to make a 'Go' of it?
How much fresh water do you have available to you, IF the electricity went out in your whole city? (It happened in New Orleans). You need a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person per day just for drinking. If you plan to wash, 3-4 extra gallons. You need a gallon or so for cooking and a gallon to wash your utensils.
6 Gallons (just one day)
24 gallons (2 people - 2 days)
50 gallons (4 people - 4 days)
I don't have any water stored up and no containers either
I have containers and I can make my own safe water supply from any water source.
Food supplys. Do you have enough food to survive until help arrives. A day, a week, a month, 6 months or even a year? Mormons keep huge supplies of food on hand. Enough for many months. How long can you go without food? A health human being can live for about 2 weeks with very little food. After that though, you are pretty useless.
I have about 2 days food supplies ready right now
I have enough for 2 people to eat for about 2 weeks, if we ration the food and I can somehow keep my refrigerated food cool and my frozen foods frozen for about 10 days
I have food and a way to keep my refrigerator running
I have food, but if the power goes out, we are going to have to cook a lot of food quickly
I am going to starve to death in a couple of weeks, I hope I have friendly neighbors
If the power goes out for two or three weeks, can you make your own electricity?
I have a generator and 20 or more gallons of gasoline, plus there is always gasoline in gas tanks on every automobile.
I have a generator, but I don't know how to operate it and I only have a few gallons of gasoline on hand
I don't have a generator but my best buddy next door does and we already talked and he and I will have power for the freezer and refrigerator
I don't have a generator and I don't know anyone who does
What's a Generator?
Personal Protection - Weapons - Guns - Swords - Sling Shot - Archery - Pea Shooter. In the unlikely event that Civil Authorities lose control of my City/Town, can I protect myself and my family and their dwelling?
Yes, I have several weapons. All chosen with protection and survival in mind. I also have plenty of ammunition. I always thought it better to have too much ammunition rather than just a fancy club (a weapon without ammo)
I have a pistol and a rifle and a shotgun. I have a few boxes of ammunition for each one and I am secure in the thought that I can protect my family if need be
I have one weapon and a few boxes of ammunition. I mean how many guns can you shoot and how much ammo does a guy need?
I don't have a gun, but I know close friends who do and I think they will protect me and my beautiful young wife. I am pretty sure they will...maybe I should think about going to go tomorrow and get at least a shotgun and some ammunition
I don't have a gun and can not think why anyone should have a gun. I wish that no one had a gun. Besides, the police will protect me. It's their job and that's what I pay my taxes for anyway.
I don't have a gun, I don't have any extra cash right now to get one and isn't it against the law to have a gun in your house anyway?
I have no guns and never will!!!
If it gets very cold where I live, can I heat my house?
I have an alternative means of heating my house (beside the current non-emergency normal way) and I have a years supply of materal I need to burn in my device. I am fairly sure I can keep the pipes from freezing.
I can make a fire and heat a room or two for a few weeks. The pipes might freeze in the far reashes of the house, but well be OK. Our love will help keep us warm.
I don't think I can heat my house for more than a few hours. I hope the power company can just do their job and we won't have to worry about junk like this!
I will have to move into my car and run that heater for a day (before the gasoline runs out. A full tank will run a car on idle for about 24 hours)
I have nothing...if anyone needs about 150 pounds of frozen meat, I live at..........
This poll was created on 2010-06-16 06:29:43 by pckiss