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Who is the most evil

All religions have poisoned the world and their leaders encourage ongoing acts of evil against fellow humans. this we know, but which is the worst religion. Is it judaism, the religion that created ethnic cleansing. Christianity, the religion responsible for ongoing child rape and the inquisition. Could it be Islam, the only religion that is involved in acts of terrorism on an ongoing basis?

Which is the most evil

25% (13) Christianity
9% (5) Judaism
48% (25) Islam
3% (2) Hinduism
1% (1) Buddhism
3% (2) Sikhism
1% (1) Baha'i Faith
1% (1) Shinto
3% (2) Jainism

52 voters have answered this question.

If you answered Jainism in the last question, do you even know what Jainism is?

67% (35) Yes
32% (17) No, I'm a dumb xtian and wanted to deflect the flack onto something I'd never heard of.

52 voters have answered this question.

Which has caused the most damage to human wellbeing

36% (19) Islam
63% (33) Christianity

52 voters have answered this question.

What can rational people do to help reduce the terrible impact of religions on the world?

46% (24) Remove all tax breaks from religions
19% (10) Create a religion tax, that applies to any institution that does any type of religions based business.
28% (15) Ban all faith schools
23% (12) Ban home schooling
11% (6) Add a new tax bracket to income tax, so religious leaders have to pay a higher rate of tax.
42% (22) Ban all religious education for children under the age of 13
36% (19) Enforce a national curriculum, that has to be followed in all educational institutions, including the religious brainwashing camps.
51% (27) Ensure that all governments are 100% secular, and that no religious influence is allowed to encroach on any public institution.
53% (28) Fine, heavily, any religious institution that covers up criminal acts perpetrated by its leaders.

52 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-05-29 20:39:15 by d00st3r
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