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Why Believe In Religion/A God?

I am curious as to what grabs people's beliefs to cause them to believe in their various gods and "magic" as some people may put it. Personally I've read a portion out of the Holy Bible and find it so difficult to see it as reality. If you would like to know in case you haven't already guessed I do not believe in god but more scientifically instead. I am always respectable to people on their views and am interested in hearing about them, I'm not "pushy" nor judgemental. Please try and make me reconsider if you are up to the challenge and answer my questions, I appreciate you spending your time here...
Are you involved in a set religion?
No. (Why are you here?)
Are you involved in a set religion that includes a god, perhaps one that is considered to be the creator of all things?
Yes I am.
Yes I am, but it does not involve a god that is the creator of all things.
No I am not.
When was it you began participating in this set religion?
I have my whole life, it was how I was raised since birth.
It started in early childhood, but not since birth.
I was around 10 years of age, give or take a few years. (Or whatever you consider after early childhood.)
I was starting my teens.
I was well into my teens.
I was just entering adulthood.
At or between 19-25.
At or between 26-30 years old.
At or between 31-40 years old.
At or between 41-50 years old.
At or between 51-60 years old.
It was above the age of 60 years old.
What brought you into this set religion?
It was my parents, I was raised with it since birth.
It was my parents, when they turned I was a child and I had to live that way.
It was my parents, they wouldn't have accepted me unless I believed in what they did.
A friend/someone had told me about it and gave me gentle pushes to join it.
When I was married/with somebody, it wouldn't have lasted unless I joined in on what they believed.
I actually saw it on my own and became interested in this new religion, later participating/joining in it.
It was better than my old religion. (If you had a previous one.)
What was the specific religion?
I have my own, that I had pieced together myself.
Do you, in fact, still actively believe/practice this religion?
Yes I do!
No, I do not.
Now when you here/talk with people who do not believe in what you do, what is your reaction? (Please be sure to select all that apply.)
I become defensive, and offended.
I push my religion on them until they agree with me that it is the only right option to go.
I discontinue hanging around them/talking with them.
I ignore them.
I tell my side of views, and actively listen to his/her views as well, respectably.
I don't mind what they believe in, I strongly think that people are intitled to their beliefs and always will respect that.
I become intereted in learning new views on things that I am hearing from them.
What keeps you strong with this religion if you are still involved with it? (Select more than one if you can.)
I feel it is the only right way to go, if I don't I will go to hell.
I have to believe in what the people around me do because if I don't I won't be accpepted with them.
It makes sense in my eyes, I understand it completely.
I have to believe in something and this one is the best one so far.
I'm not sure actually.
Do you accept people to be your family/friends if they arn't involved with your religion?
Yes, all of them.
Yes, only my family.
Yes, only my friends.
Yes but it depends on the person.
No, not at all.
Thank you again for completing this poll, now hearing about me, (just for fun) what is your opinion of me/who I am?
You are a bad person, I don't like your personality at all.
Your personality needs work.
You're just fine in my book.
We share some characteristics with each other, and I like some of the questions you asked!
I think you are a very good person!
You're just like me....
This poll was created on 2010-05-29 04:08:34 by Sophisticated Simplicities