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Girls- Giving tongue-tied guys a second chance

I'm pretty girl shy, and I had a pretty embarrasing experience with a girl I really liked. I didn't even get past the 'small talk' phase due to my shyness. So, I'm hoping for opinions, girls. They would be highly appreciated. (And if you've got advice for girl-shy guys, I doubt I'm the only one out there ;)
First: Are you a girl?
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So, a guy you know/knew from high school runs into you where you work. You may or may not have picked up on the fact that he likes you. So let's say his 'pick-up' line is something lame. Like 'Wow, it's a small world! Good to see you again!' If the guy were to see you again, and manage to untangle his tongue long enough to ask you out, if you were available, how would you react?
I'd go out with him. The shy thing can be cute with the right guy
I'd go out with him. He's not an arrogant jerk like a lot of other men
I'd go out with him. If he worships me enough to get THAT nervous...
No, he blew his chance, even if it was an accident.
It would depend on his NEXT pickup line. If he messes up twice, he's not going to get his act together any time soon.
It would depend on how attracted I was to him.
Other- please detail on the message board.
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